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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/22/2022 7:50 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Q: Can you talk about the play where you chased (Carolina Quarterback) Baker Mayfield to the sideline?

A: One of my goals is to never let a quarterback outrun me. That's kind of like a competitive little thing I just have in my head all the time. I was just trying to go get him, really.

Q: You can see how to some of us that might sound crazy for a man your size to feel like he can run down.

A: That's fair.

Q: You don't think it's crazy, obviously.

A: I don't think it's crazy. That's just my little competitive edge. There's a big second or third down play, things like that – that's just how I just keep going.

Q: Will that go for when you play (Arizona Quarterback) Kyler Murray or (Baltimore Quarterback) Lamar Jackson?

A: I might have chased down Kyler one time. I don't think it really matters what quarterback it is. It's just something that, if I take a good angle, I can possibly get him or slow him up, something.

Q: For (Defensive Coordinator) Wink (Martindale), who's been around a long time, to call you one of his favorite players he's been around – what's your reaction to that?

A: We've been together for what, six months? It just shows the trust that I've been earning from him and the work ethic and learning his scheme pretty well and just being a leader.

Q: He's made clear in different conversations, one I was a part of, that had he had an opportunity to draft you, he would have. Has he conveyed to you that from the beginning?

A: No, he never said that to me.

Q: Does that help you understand that he has great conviction about you and what you can do for his team?

A: For sure. I just want to do my job every play. He knows that I can do a little more and he trusts me to do a little more. I just do what I can and keep playing, just get other guys to come along and playing hard and leading.

Q: How is your job under Wink different than the past years? Does he expect different things of you or more of you?

A: I don't think it's anything like that. I think me as a person, I've just been getting more comfortable with learning my position and becoming a leader and growing in different aspects of the game. He's seeing that from me.

Q: Has he helped you with that?

A: Yeah, he's helped me with little confidence things or just allowing me to be a free player type of thing. That's kind of like his role, his mindset on defense is just an aggressive mindset and that just helps with the whole unit.

Q: Do you remember going to Baltimore? In the pre-draft process did you meet with Wink? Did you have a visit to Baltimore? Do you remember anything?

A: I don't think I did.

Q: Wink said, I think it was the last play of the first quarter with Baker, he said that he wasn't sure he had seen a big man make a play like that. He's coached some really, really, really good players. What did he convey to you about that?

A: He just kind of said the same thing he said to y'all. He's never seen a big guy make a play like that. It shows I'm just working and that just goes to my mindset of chasing down quarterbacks. I don't want to be outran by one.

Q: With (Defensive Lineman) Leonard (Williams) let's say possibly out, likely out, not practicing – how big of a hole does that leave and do you have to shoulder some of that load?

A: I feel like we have a lot of depth and it's been showing over the couple of weeks. I feel like guys like (Defensive Lineman Justin Ellis) Jelly, (Defensive Lineman) D.J. (Davidson), stepping up. Guys like that we feel like we've just been doing a good job of getting them ready. He definitely is a key point of the defense, big captain. We've just got to keep going, keep the boat rowing.

Q: It doesn't change where you line up?

A: No, it doesn't change.

Q: Ellis or whoever just slides into Leonard's spot?

A: Yeah.

Q: I'm not looking for you to go through your whole Giants career but just the change this year with the coaching and the atmosphere it seems like around here. How would you describe it since you're in it?

A: I would just say, just with the players, the coaches kind of lead it, but the players take over. It's just a brotherhood that we come in ready to go and having guys that you want to win for, guys that you want to play for, guys that you want to do your best for just within the locker room. The coaches kind of just dictate it kind of, but it's more of the players.

Q: Like player-driven leadership and sometimes that's more effective.

A: Yeah.

Q: And you were just going to say holding each other…

A: Accountable.
I can understand the questions about Wink's influence...  
Klaatu : 9/23/2022 10:34 am : link
But I wish someone would have asked him about Patterson and Cox, too. I recall when the Giants hired Patterson there was talk about how he'd be the best thing that could happen to Lawrence.
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