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Thursday NYG Round-Up: 11 Giants on Injury Report

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/22/2022 7:55 pm

11 New York Giants on the Injury Report; Coordinators Address Media - ( New Window )
Only 11?  
Joe Beckwith : 9/22/2022 8:43 pm : link
Oh….a good week then.
Seems like a bunch of them  
Vanzetti : 9/22/2022 11:20 pm : link
are always the same guys
In what %  
Giantophile : 9/23/2022 7:25 am : link
of practices has Toney been a full participant since drafted? o/u: 10%?
I'm pretty sure the Titans & Panthers  
M.S. : 9/23/2022 8:26 am : link

are kicking themselves after losing to a thinly talented Giants team that has been thinned out even more by numerous injuries. I know I'd be pissed.
Will there ever be a week Toney is NOT on report  
averagejoe : 9/23/2022 10:30 am : link
and actually scores a TD ??? Is it really that hard to get ONE TD ??????
Would love to see Toney suit up  
Breeze_94 : 9/23/2022 2:35 pm : link
Considering the headaches he gave that Dallas secondary last year. He was beta player on the field in that game.
Bob in Newburgh : 9/23/2022 5:40 pm : link
They haven't trotted out through the tunnel yet. Plenty of room for growth.
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