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Gallup to be inactive tonight per Twitter

bigblue12 : 9/26/2022 11:47 am
If true, that's very good news for the Giants. They can blanket Lamb  
Ira : 9/26/2022 11:50 am : link
and still stack the box to slow Dallas's run game.
Thought they were being a bit over optimistic with him  
BillT : 9/26/2022 11:50 am : link
He’s been out a while during a serious rehab and then he was going to be a full go just like that? Seems that was a bit overstated.
Gallup couldn't beat out or outperform Brown for #2 spot  
MartyNJ1969 : 9/26/2022 11:51 am : link
so they made him Inactive
RE: Gallup couldn't beat out or outperform Brown for #2 spot  
islander1 : 9/26/2022 12:09 pm : link
In comment 15831011 MartyNJ1969 said:
so they made him Inactive

either way, he's been a thorn in our side for some time.
Schultz isn't trending towards playing either.  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2022 1:39 pm : link
I know you wrote Gallup but I read Golladay  
SteelGiant : 9/26/2022 3:29 pm : link
What was odd was I didn’t seem to bat eye even though I read it wrong
Every little edge  
Beezer : 9/26/2022 7:04 pm : link

Get the W.
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