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Vegas line

armstead98 : 9/26/2022 3:34 pm
The line opened around Giants -2.5 indicating about equal on home field. Money poured in on Dallas as Dallas is ranked higher in key stats bettors focus on.

The line moved to Giants -1 and has held streaky there will pretty equal money on both sides. On FD the line just ticked back to -1.5 but it’s still -1 everywhere else.

Meanwhile the O/U had been steady at 39 but is trending down.

The market sees this as a close, low scoring affair.
waterfootball says  
knowledgetimmons : 9/26/2022 4:27 pm : link
63 percent is on the cowboys. That distribution started out at around 75 percent of bets on the cowboys to cover. They moved the line from -2.5 to -1 or 1.5 depending on where you go.

Giants and Cowboys are both statistically penalized the same amount. Average 8 and 7.5 per game respectively. I'd be curious seeing how tonight goes with such a difference in the betting distribution. /tinfoil hat
All because Dallas  
mdthedream : 9/26/2022 6:23 pm : link
is playing without Prescoat.
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