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If the giants crowd faithful….

NJBlueTuna : 9/26/2022 6:55 pm
Aren’t pumped up for this one….will be great to hear a gold old fashioned hostile giants stadium again. So many subplots tonite:

This is THE game which will define Jones

Curious to see a White Out

Can we finally cover a Dallas TE?

Does Barkley rip up Dallas tonite?

Does Parsons rip up Jones tonite?

Does KT announce his arrival?

Does the other KT show up?

Does Golliday show up?

Does Elliot drive us nuts again?

It’s been awhile since I was this excited for a game.

White out huh?  
ArcadeSlumlord : 9/26/2022 11:52 pm : link
I heard loud lets go Dallas chants in my peripheral speakers in full 7.1 dolby. Also when Dallas scored it seemed louder than when the Giants scored. I am frustrated tonight.
I did not find the crowd overly impressive  
moespree : 9/26/2022 11:54 pm : link
That being said there hasn't been much to cheer about in years. And this game didn't really provide all that much either.
I was there. There were a lot of Cowboys fans but  
mikeinbloomfield : 9/27/2022 8:43 am : link
it wasn't close to 50/50. I'd say around 70/30. Still, they are all jackasses.

On the Cowboys 4th and 4, that was as loud as I have ever heard a stadium in my life. We were loud again.
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