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Dallas Oline??

prdave73 : 9/26/2022 10:52 pm
How is it that Dallas can lose any player on the offensive line and still look amazing? They lose their Top LT and replace him with another and it's like nothing ever happened?? Same with the Eagles?! Why not the Giants????
Sample bias?  
Dang Man : 9/26/2022 10:57 pm : link
Perhaps you’re just watching those teams against an anemic Giants pass rush (for the last couple of years)? That said the Giants OL looks horrid on that right side tonight. Neal has some slow feet.
Was thinking the same thing  
Jint Fan in Buc Land : 9/26/2022 11:02 pm : link
We suck
It's extremely  
prdave73 : 9/26/2022 11:15 pm : link
disturbing.. I just don't get why the Giants for so many damn years have been awful in building great offensive lines??? Unfortunately Dallas really has out drafted the Giants so bad, it's not even funny.
Once again we are sold a bill of goods on how great our defensive  
Jack Stroud : 9/26/2022 11:33 pm : link
coordinator is! The Giants will once again return to being a punching bag!
Leonard Williams loss was huge  
Breeze_94 : 9/26/2022 11:49 pm : link
Dallas's IOL did well playing against backups and was able to double team Lawrence often.

The tackles held up well but Giants edge group was not impressive tonight. Thibs especially did not have his legs under him because I didn't see that supposed quick first step once tonight
dunno about 'amazing'  
islander1 : 9/26/2022 11:52 pm : link
they had 6-7 penalties tonight. They held it together well enough, but amazing is a bit of a stretch.
Because they had a really good OL  
BillT : 9/27/2022 12:13 am : link
And they only needed one replacement and they drafted that guy in round one. Pretty straightforward.
They have established players along their line.  
St. Jimmy : 9/27/2022 12:20 am : link
The Giants are trending towards 1 with Thomas. They also injected Peters today who is an HOF player at LT who is now playing guard. He broke their biggest run of the game today the moment he got in there.
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