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QB Cap Hell

charles355 : 9/27/2022 1:04 pm
Daniel Jones played really well yesterday considering the time he had to throw.

but after 3 games... I would not re-sign him at 28+M per year.

He is not a leader (Tom Brady) and people around him are not playing for him ( Jim Kelly) or motivated (Josh Allen) to be great or scared (like Arod or Tom B)!

I'm not only talking about talent (processing takes forever) but personnality wise... he seems off and too low profile (Eli was, but behind the scene he had more leadership skills)

If Daniel manage to beat the Packers and Ravens and be an integral part of that (not the DEF or Saquon Barkley only) maybe I will reconsider, but as of now, for me I would use the cap room allocation elsewhere: on a draft prospect at the QB position... we should not sign a stop gap QB so we can't draft at the top, we need every chance to hit a HR in the draft for the future

Yay, yet another Daniel Jones thread  
RCPhoenix : 9/27/2022 1:06 pm : link
Awesome. This board needs to have a new category:

"Daniel Jones Threads"
George from PA : 9/27/2022 1:06 pm : link
Somebody get...  
knowledgetimmons : 9/27/2022 1:08 pm : link
Joe Schoen on the horn. It's vital that he knows Charles will reconsider.
I have the right to reconsider :) as a fan !!!  
charles355 : 9/27/2022 1:11 pm : link
I would love to be set at QB more than anything... but at the same time, I don't see it!

Sorry for my honesty!

I'm not a Daniel Jones hater, just a glass is half full type of fan!
Gman11 : 9/27/2022 1:20 pm : link
Mr. Jones? Great news! If you beat the Packers and Ravens, Chucky here is going to reconsider! Can you believe it?! He'll reconsider! Wooo hooo!
Dave on the UWS : 9/27/2022 1:54 pm : link
The freakin head coach has said THE EXACT OPPOSITE about him virtually EVERY day since the spring. You guys really need to give it a rest.
DJ played his ass off yesterday  
Chip : 9/27/2022 1:55 pm : link
Well I’m glad you’re not going to reconsider.  
Giant John : 9/27/2022 2:11 pm : link
Now are you finished?
RE: JFC’!!!!  
Blue21 : 9/27/2022 2:25 pm : link
In comment 15835351 Dave on the UWS said:
The freakin head coach has said THE EXACT OPPOSITE about him virtually EVERY day since the spring. You guys really need to give it a rest.
Yes but don't you know that the coach lies? That's just coach speak they say. Hey who knows if he's retained but I'll tell you there's gonna be a bunch of Jones haters disapointed if he is. I'll trust the coaches to make the decision. And I'll go as far as to say I'll hear or read what Sy thinks.
When you $21.4M WR  
Joe Beckwith : 9/27/2022 2:52 pm : link
let’s the DB knock the ball out from behind you , twice, and the QB puts the ball in his gut and he drops it, and anyone not SS can’t get open, yep! It’s the running for his life QBs adult.
Getting a new QB is going to be tough  
Breeze_94 : 9/27/2022 3:03 pm : link
As of now it’s between giving Jones a mid level deal or trading up to get one of Stroud/Young/Levis.

I’m leaning towards going all in on a first round QB. There are some good ones coming out (and the cap flexibility that gives them in the years following can be used to plug holes among the IOL & LB core)

Hope to land a WR with a day 2 pick as the Kirk deal blew the top off the FA WR market
Are you Charlie from BBKOL?  
mattlawson : 9/27/2022 3:28 pm : link
no I'm Charles From Canada  
charles355 : 9/27/2022 3:32 pm : link
I love this team! Every year, since 1997 I do excel sheets with NFL prospects for fun since it's a passion to me! I'm a dad of 2 daughters, my wife thinks I'm very loyal because the team is weak :)

I think this board is great since I can write about the team I love! I want to stay objective the more I can but at the same time I would like to be wrong when I say delicate things on QB or other players.
I'm interested in what other teams  
Dnew15 : 9/27/2022 3:35 pm : link
would be willing to pay for Jones.

When/If he hits FA after this season - it will be fascinating to watch.
I m sure Daniel  
joeinpa : 9/27/2022 4:10 pm : link
Is happy to know you are open to reconsidering your position will n his status.

Some of you guys, lol
I think the Jones decision we will almost purely analytical.  
SteelGiant : 9/27/2022 7:57 pm : link
I think the new GM will be handling the Giants much different than most people here are used to. This is not going to be like the family run business, this is not going to be ran by ego.

This is an industry with tons of data. Just think of the amount of effort people put into the fantasy football teams based on analytics. The Giants have been dragged into the current times by this new regime.

You can already see the players chosen as Free agents and the aggressive schemes of the coaches. The way WRs are given reps. The way Barkley gets the bulk of this carries in the second half.

While they are using data to do player evaluations of performance, I can guarantee Joe and his staff is using data for player VALUATIONS. I bet they have placing a price tag on as many players on possible. All pending free agents of course, but they are also placing a price tag on every commodity(player) they own.

They had a value on DJ and it was lower than 22.4 million (5th year option) at the start of the year. All players stocks rise and fall through the course of the year. That is what we have to wait and see on, where does DJ end the season.

I am not Pro or Anti DJ. I am pro seeing what his value is at the end of the year. I think I come off a pro DJ because the world is so polarized today so if I am not Anti, then I must be Pro.

The interesting thing here in my opinion is I doubt his value climbs to the franchise level and it possible it does not rise to the 5th year option amount. But depending where it lands it is possible that there is good value in DJ.

What will the market be for DJ?
What teams will be looking for him?

I think it will most likely be a team that needs a possible starting QB because they are aiming at one in this years draft and may need him to hold down the fort. Or the Draft happens and there is a team who did not get their QB or the QB is not ready to start in the NFL.

I also think the Giants could be one of those teams this year.

So its possible that DJ is a QB who will be undervalued on the market. He might be worth resigning. Some people here think DJ sucks but also speak with some assumption that someone is going to over pay for him and don't want it to be the Giants. Its possible that a team gets his skills at a great price. So I am not throwing that possibility out the window because he was drafted too high. Where he was drafted is meaningless in free agent market.

The idea is to get the best value at all positions. I do not want Tyrod Taylor to be my quarterback next year because he is less talented than DJ is TODAY. We might be a team that is in the market for another Stand In QB while we wait for the quarterback of the future to develop or come about.

What is the price of all the available QBs on the market at that time? (including DJ)

I am going to have to trust this regime, I am just happy we have a GM who knows how to use data and a computer.
This thread actually gets to the heart of the situation  
AG5686 : 9/27/2022 8:14 pm : link
Don't let these jamokes bother you Charles
While its true we have alot of opinions and threads on DJ..
What is being pointed out is poignant
Its not just how good DJ is,but how he is with his current contract relative to the rest of the starting QBs in the league
Just run thru the list of starting QBs and ask yourself would I trade DJ under his current contract for the other teams QB and his contract
I come up with about 12 guys that I would rather have UNDER THEIR CURRENT CONTRACT
That means DJ is in the upper middle of the league with his current contract
Not too bad
Plus he has no line and no WRs
So what good is spending 45MM on a QB
I know it’s a message board  
djm : 9/27/2022 9:15 pm : link
Here to debate shit like this but what’s the rush. It’s week 4. What if The giants are 8-8 needing a win week 18 and jones plays the best game of his life while leading nyg to a wild card berth.

There’s so much football left. He’s finally playing for a capable coaching staff and has an all pro running back at his disposal. Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem right now. We’re 2-1. It’s week 4.
RE: I have the right to reconsider :) as a fan !!!  
eli4life : 9/27/2022 9:16 pm : link
In comment 15835215 charles355 said:
I would love to be set at QB more than anything... but at the same time, I don't see it!

Sorry for my honesty!

I'm not a Daniel Jones hater, just a glass is half full type of fan!

As if what you consider or reconsider means a damned thing to the team or anyone else for that matter.
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