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Transcript: Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2022 5:27 pm
Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Q: I think all but one of your catches were first down, so they were pretty big plays but was there one that stood out to you in particular?

A: Probably the one I caught going in on a little under route. I thought I was going to die. Then I survived, and I was like, 'oh, I've got to get the first down. That was like my little train of thought. So, I saw the ball, kind of saw this guy in my peripheral and said, 'this is going to hurt really bad'. Then he hit me, and I was like, 'oh, I'm still up'. (Laughs) Scrambled to get the first down.

Q: Is that the one where you got emotional? Were you pumped up?

A: Yeah, just because it was third and long, and those aren't easy to get. Especially when the nine is on the four-yard line. There's not a whole lot of great play calls. So, just excited.

Q: What does it say about you personally? You don't play a lot early, how hard is it to always be ready?

A: I think kind of said it earlier, you just focus on your craft. Focus on bettering myself, making sure that all my skills are sharp and that I knew my plays. That way I'd be ready for whenever my opportunity came.

Q: Isn't it hard to not say, 'what did I do to deserve this'?

A: I feel like you can't always be like what you do and don't deserve because you can't ever get too high and can't ever get too low. So, I just kind of take opportunities as they come and take advantage of them.

Q: They culture around here has really changed, and it seems like you guys are having more fun, does that kind of help keep you upbeat when you're not playing?

A: Yeah, for sure. I know I love coming here, I love my teammates, I love playing ball. So, I think having a positive work environment definitely helps. At the end of the day the NFL's a business. Everybody at some point in their career goes through something, but definitely having good guys around you help a lot.

Q: What's kind of changed? This year the way you guys are having fun and winning these close games, what has changed around this building?

A: I think like I just said just positive energy. Obviously, people are held accountable, people are held to a really high standard, but at the same time I think kind of a new staff and some new faces we have in the building have done a great job of pumping in good, confident energy and it showed.

Q: How about (Quarterback) Daniel Jones and your relationship with him? How has that progressed?

A: I think it's grown a lot. We've been together going into our fourth year now, and obviously he's playing some great ball right now. It's pretty easy to be a receiver for us at the moment.

Q: Daniel came in with so many questions, with the contract situation and everything. How have you seen him in the locker room handle that day-to-day and that pressure? You kind of in your own way have been in a similar situation, how have you seen him handle that and have you guys been able to learn from each other and keep each other on track this year?

A: He's been steady. He hasn't flinched at any point during the year no matter what's being said on the outside or maybe what has or hasn't gone his way. He's been steady, he's showed up to work, and he's been a great leader for us. I think it's shown on the field so far this year.

Q: You mentioned just a lot of positive energy. For you guys has it been just kind of a combination of that along with some creative scheme's you guys weren't doing in the past? How much of it has just been the confidence you guys have been building from what the coaches have been saying to you guys? How much of it is X's and O's on the field?

A: Of course, that's part of it too. I think (Offensive Coordinator Mike) Kaf's (Kafka) done a great job putting together some offensive plans and helping all of us be in a position to succeed and use our strengths. Then on the flip side, (Defensive Coordinator) Wink's (Martindale) done an amazing job. I think they held the Packers scoreless in the second half. With one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time it's not easy to do. X's and O's have also I believe have improved.

Q: Now that you're producing have, they renegotiated your contract again?

A: (Laughs) No, it doesn't quite work like that.
Really happy for Slayton.  
Giantgator : 10/12/2022 8:26 pm : link
Hope he keeps producing.
Hate that the media trolls him  
mattlawson : 10/12/2022 8:49 pm : link
About the contract. Seems below the belt
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