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Post-Game Transcript: Defensive lineman Leonard Williams

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2022 7:43 pm
Defensive lineman Leonard Williams

Q: Most starting quarterbacks fall on that ball or throw it out of bounds. So, when he let the ball go did you think like, oh he's throwing it away at first?

A: Honestly the way it went up in the air it kind of did seem like he was throwing it away because he kind of just threw it off his back foot. It looked like it was about to go out of bounds, and it went down the middle of the field.

Q: How shocked were you that he tried to make something happen there? Because it seemed kind of crazy.

A: I guess I'm not too shocked because he's a play maker. He's a big-time key on their offense and those type of guys want the ball in their hands when it's a clutch situation and I'm sure, it was crunch time and he wanted to make a play.

Q: You were down by ten. What's the mentality of this team the way you fight back?

A: I think it's the same mentality that we have every week. We're a team that fights all four quarters, every minute of the game, and I think the best thing about this team is we don't bend, we don't fold, we don't break and all that type of stuff. We're just excited that we came away with the win.

Q: Did anybody tell you that you're 5-1?

A: No, outsiders are talking about it, but none of us are talking about it. Like I've been saying, we just need to move on to next week and we can't bask in defeat, and we can't bask in victory. We've just got to keep moving forward.

Q: How do you move on from such an exciting finish?

A: The same way that we have to move on from a bad loss. We watch film, we correct mistakes, and correcting the mistakes is just a lot easier when you have the win. It's always harder to correct mistakes after a loss. We just have to keep moving forward. We've done a good job of going to London, beating a good team out there. We had every excuse under the sun to say, 'oh we're tired, we were traveling,' all these other things, but this team is just staying on the mission and focusing on what's important.
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