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Post-Game Transcript: Outside linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2022 7:47 pm
Outside linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux

Q: You get your first NFL sack and it comes in a clinching situation. I don't think it could be much better than that, huh?

A: No, I mean, just fighting all year so far. It's been six games and just keep trying to get better and keep growing and just keep doing the little things to make sure that when the time does come I can execute.

Q: What was the move that you used to beat (Ravens QB Lamar Jackson)?

A: Well, you know, with Lamar he was holding the ball a little bit so we had that idea that he was going to be able to pat the ball with the coverage, so just being able get off, use my second moves, and keep rushing. It was more of an effort sack less than a first move sack.

Q: How difficult is it knowing that they need to get that last possession score and you guys want to make sure you contain him because if he gets away it's a problem.

A: I mean for me it wasn't difficult once the offense went in and scored. We as a defense knew that we had to take it away, so we were able to come in and we knew the situation. I think the greatest part about is the coaches, they really help us and for me being a rookie, they've been teaching me the situations and knowing that they were down, we knew that they had to go a long distance to score so we really had to get after them.

Q: As you came back from the knee injury could you tell you were getting closer and closer to getting it?

A: I was getting closer and I just knew eventually it was going to come. I couldn't really pout about it, I couldn't worry, I couldn't listen to you guys, I just had to really lock in and get what I had to get done.

Q: What did it mean to get this for (Giants Defensive Coordinator) Wink Martindale and the insight that he gave you?

A: Truth be told, Wink didn't really care. Wink cared about winning and Wink wanted to win this game, but it never went deeper than us—us as a team, us as a player. So, Wink just made sure that he prepared us as much as he could and we went out there and executed.

Q: How special is it to contribute to a win the way you did today?

A: It's a blessing. It was the greatest moment. I really sat out there and cried just because the emotion I felt that now, I'm in the NFL. Now that you can really contribute and this is what they pay me to be here for, so the fact that I was able to get it done is a great feeling.

Q: Did you really cry?

A: Yeah, I really cried.

Q: Do you cry a lot?

A: You know, yeah, cool guys cry.

Q: Was the ball on your mind coming around that corner?

A: I mean, you know, you've just got to get him. Lamar is tricky, shifty, so the one thing we teach is getting that rip at the end, making sure you finish, so that time I had emphasis on my finish and "one for the good guys".
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