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Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/26/2022 2:41 pm
Head Coach Brian Daboll

October 26, 2022

Daboll: Normal Wednesday, so whatever you guys got.

Q: What role do you see for (offensive lineman) Nick Gates? What can he do? Where is he at?
A: We’ll put him out there. I think he’s improved every day since he’s been out there. He looks ready to go. We’ll see where that takes him. Just keep competing; whenever his number’s called, be ready.

Q: Do you look at him more at guard or center?
A: We’ve repped him at both.

Q: Did he play tackle? Or you want him inside?
A: He can play all spots, but we’ve really worked him more at center and guard getting back here. I know he played tackle.

Q: Is he physically able to play in a game right now?
A: Yeah.

Q: He is?
A: Yeah. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Q: What do you think of the comeback he’s made? How impressed are you with the comeback he has made?
A: Oh, phew. It’s impressive. I mean, so many surgeries and so much rehab. You saw him when I first got here. Just a testament to the young man. It takes a lot of perseverance to go through what he’s been through and to be out here. Impressive young man.

Q: It’s been a while since the New York teams had winning seasons. What have you noticed from the atmosphere around here – not just at the game, but in the area in general?

A: I can only speak of the games. The games have been great. I get in my car and drive home and drive here. I don’t really do anything else.

Q: You don’t bump into people ever?
A: Unless it’s in my driveway or when I’m walking in the building (Laughs). I’d just say when you’re going out onto the field, the fan support even down in Jacksonville. I said it was unbelievable after the game. It was. Again, just very thankful for the opportunity that we have. We appreciate the support. They’ve been great.

Q: (Seattle Seahawks quarterback) Geno Smith’s obviously been around a long time now. Has it surprised you what he’s been able to do this year?
A: No. I never get surprised by players. I think every player is in their own unique situation. I think he’s playing really good football. He’s playing top level football at the quarterback position. (You) watch him play all these games; he’s making great decisions. He’s accurate with the football. He’s leading the team down to score a bunch of points. He’s really done a fantastic job.

Q: What do you know, if anything, about his (Geno Smith’s) start here?
A: Not much.

Q: A lot of talk lately about the Giants being an elite football team in this league. Do you think you’re an elite football team, or how else would you characterize your club right now?
A: One week at a time. Just try to work hard; get ready to play the next game. Do the things we need to do to improve, which I’d say there’s plenty of them. And leave it all out on the table when we go out there on Sunday, but make sure we fill it all up right now – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and be consistent.

Q: Is (guard) Shane Lemieux getting any closer?
A: Yeah.

Q: Do you think there’s a possibility he could play this year?
A: I don’t want to forecast. He’s getting better.

Q: Do you allow yourself to be a fan of the league at all in terms of the Giants and Seahawks were looked at at the start of this season as two teams that probably weren’t going to do much. And now, this week, they’re the NFL Game of the Week. Do you allow yourself to be a fan of that kind of thing?
A: Not really. No. Again, it’s such a week-to-week league. One week, you could be here. The next week, you could be here. You try to stay consistent. You try to focus on the things you can control, and then go out there and play well.

Q: You can’t much further away than playing games in Seattle in this country – unless you go to London (laughs). Will that – the way you guys handled that, opposite directions – but do you think that can help? This is a pretty long trip.
A: Yeah. We just play them where they show up. And we’ve had – these last four weeks – we flew to London, came back, played a home game, flew down to warm weather Jacksonville and now flying to Seattle. Whatever they are on the schedule, we play. And we try to do the best job we can as a staff to prepare the players, whether that’s give them a little bit more rest, change up a practice schedule, talk about hydration – the other day I had (Director of Rehabilitation/Physical Therapist) Leigh Weiss come up and talk about (it) just (in) the beginning part of the week on Monday to get ready for Sunday and start early with it, just like we did when we went to London. So, each week’s a different week and presents its own challenges.

Q: When we spoke to Mike last Thursday – (offensive coordinator) Mike Kafka last Thursday – basically he confirmed that you were being more careful with (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) on designed runs because of the ankle. After what we saw Sunday, is it fair to assume that the ankle thing is completely over?
A: Yeah, he’s good.

Q: What’s impressed you about (outside linebacker) Kayvon (Thibodeaux)?
A: That he loves the game of football. He’s a really good teammate. He’s smart, and he gives great effort. Those things are very important. Obviously, we knew he was talented. I think his intangibles have been very good for us, and they’re going to need to continue to be.

Q: Does Kayvon’s pursuit of the running back (Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr.) – way down field, 50-yard run – resonate in a film room?
A: Sure, yeah. But again, we preach all the time, 11 hats to the ball. Everyone’s job is to hustle and make sure we get the ball carrier down and live to see another day. Whether it’s a long run or not, all those guys do a good job of giving great effort. That’s what we want to do. We want to give great effort whether that’s on offense, defense, the kicking game. And I know the play you’re talking about. It was a good effort play.

Q: I mean, not everyone has the speed to do that. Not just effort, right? You’ve got to get there.
A: Yeah. Everybody’s different. Everybody’s different. So, he’s (Kayvon Thibodeaux) obviously a talented player. But I’ve seen a lot of talented players in this league. We’re in this league for a long time.

Q: If you look at the left guard spot, (offensive lineman Joshua) Ezeudu got a lot of action on Sunday (in Jacksonville). PFF (Pro Football Focus) had him graded actually pretty well. So, how have you seen him kind of improve? I know he had some hiccups early, but where has he gotten better?
A: Really every aspect of his game. You don’t see it, obviously, when he’s not playing. But each week, he gets a little better on the show teams. He does a good job in individual (drills). Still a young player. Still a long way to go. But I think (offensive line coach) Bobby (Johnson) and (assistant offensive line coach) Tony (Sparano Jr.) have done a good job. And credit to Josh; he’s done a good job on keeping his eye on just getting better day-by-day.

Q: On some of those plays where Daniel (Jones) fakes to a back and rolls out and runs it himself, he’s faking out cameramen. Is that something he’s particularly good at, just those fakes and getting the defense going the wrong way?

A: Well, that’s his job. On some of those plays, some of them are read plays. He’s got to make quick decisions based off of different defenders. But yeah, it’s something you work on in practice. He’s good at it or we wouldn’t be doing it.

Q: Has the Seahawk’s running game become more dynamic with (running back) Kenneth Walker (III)?
A: It’s been dynamic. This guy’s a good player, though. He’s a special, special player. We looked at him in the draft – really liked him. He was productive, obviously, at Michigan State. (He) has all the qualities you look for in a good (running) back. He’s got quickness, he’s got good vision, he’s got good patience. He can take it the distance. I’ve been very impressed with him, watching him on tape.

Q: How do you assess the play of (tight end Tanner) Hudson and (fullback Chris) Myarick so far, and especially with their importance now that (tight end Daniel) Bellinger is out?
A: Smart, tough, dependable guys that know what to do. We ask them to do quite a bit. I think they’ve continued to improve since they’ve been here. They’ve still got a ways to go. But I feel confident when they go in the game, they know what to do.

Q: Daniel (Jones) was named Offensive Player of the Week in the NFC. Will you say something to him? Do you go up to him and compliment him? Or is it just a matter of ‘Here we go. This is part of the process,’?
A: Obviously, you say ‘congratulations.’ I think those are special awards for any player. I think that any player would say they’re team awards, too. This is such a team sport. But certainly, you say congratulations on the achievement that he had for the week. I thank all the other guys, too, for helping him out. You need everybody else for a quarterback, too.

Q: With Daniel, when I tell you – obviously, you’ve heard me talk about the turnovers. It’s been the topic of the past. What do you think when I tell you he’s only turned the ball over four times in seven games?
A: That’s what we’re trying to do: trying to eliminate turnovers. He touches the ball on every play. There’s a wide variety of reasons to turn the ball over, and I think that his decision-making process has been very good. We need to continue to improve on that. He’s kept two hands on the ball in the pocket. Again, sometimes, they’re just going to make a really good play on defense. I think he’s practiced with good habits. It’s something you’ve got to work on each week because each week is a different challenge. This (the Seattle Seahawk’s) defensive line does a good job of getting the ball off quarterbacks.

Q: Did you coach any particular techniques with him with an emphasis on when he’s scrambling, how to protect the ball? Because he’s run a lot but does not fumble this year when he’s doing that (Laughs). Has not (fumbled).
A: I think, I give credit to (quarterbacks coach) Shea (Tierney). He’s worked with these guys since he’s been here. He does a lot of different drills: running drills, passing drills, two hands on the ball. He’s done a really good job with him.

Q: Will (wide receivers) Kadarius (Toney) or Kenny (Golladay) do anything today?
A: No.

Q: Let me try again – will (outside linebacker) Oshane (Ximines practice)?
A: He will not.

Q: Anything on (defensive back Cor’Dale) Flott?
A: Flott will not (practice).
For fuck sake.  
ArcadeSlumlord : 10/26/2022 3:02 pm : link
Q: Will (wide receivers) Kadarius (Toney) or Kenny (Golladay) do anything today?
A: No.

RE: For fuck sake.  
Reale01 : 10/26/2022 3:24 pm : link
In comment 15883975 ArcadeSlumlord said:
Q: Will (wide receivers) Kadarius (Toney) or Kenny (Golladay) do anything today?
A: No.


"Yes, I expect they will be playing cribbage later this afternoon."
Bellinger was a big part  
TheBlueprintNC : 10/26/2022 4:00 pm : link
of setting up plays too.. This is a big piece that has to be replaced. Hopefully Wandale can take another step and Wrs can do a good job blocking on Run plays..
an_idol_mind : 10/26/2022 7:51 pm : link
Q: What do you know, if anything, about his (Geno Smith’s) start here?
A: Not much.

Good way to shut down that line of questioning quickly.
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