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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/31/2022 8:58 am
Head Coach Brian Daboll

BRIAN DABOLL: Tough loss, give Seattle credit. They did everything better than we did today. So fly home and make the corrections and have a bye week and get ready to play Houston.

Q. Inaudible.

BRIAN DABOLL: Taking care of the ball is one of our main goals and obviously we didn't do it. Got the ball in good field position to capitalize on ten points. Turn the ball over on your side of the field, it's tough. So we have to fix that.

Q. Without looking at the film, is Richie James trying to do too much? Is he getting reckless?

BRIAN DABOLL: I would have to take a look at it. I looked on the JumboTron, looked like the guy knocked it out of his hand pretty good. Richie knows you've got to take care of it and that's the game.

Q. Seemed like Seattle on defense was keyed in to not let Daniel Jones hurt them a lot and obviously paying a lot of attention to Saquon. Were you hoping that your passing game could makeup for that?

BRIAN DABOLL: They did a good job all the way around. They did a good job stopping the run. We averaged less than three yards and I thought they did a good job on the perimeter on some of the nakeds and the keeps. We didn't hit any big plays off of them. They just did a better job than we did.

Q. You had two chunk plays, 20-plus plays, one last week. How hard is it for you guys, do you need more than that in order to win?

BRIAN DABOLL: Well, they certainly help. Big plays certainly help in a game whether they change field position or improve your odds to score on that drive. Continue to look at it and find ways to do it.

Q. You guys obviously have been a very good fourth quarter team, trailing in four of them now. Is there a confidence level with this group that if you get into the fourth quarter, you can tie it up after?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, our guys are confident. We just didn't do enough today all the way around. Again, give Seattle credit. It's hard, the ball is important. We have to do a better job of taking care of it and executing and finishing drives, converting on some third downs, particularly early on in the game. A lot to work on.

Q. What message do you send to them, you've got a week off here now, what message do you send them away with?

BRIAN DABOLL: Keep your head up. Got a good week of practice. There's obviously things that happen in this game that we have to eliminate from happening, just every game whether you win or lose, come in on Monday, be consistent, make corrections. Have some time off on the bye week and come back ready to go.

Q. They are coming in tomorrow?

BRIAN DABOLL: They are coming in tomorrow, and then they will be off.

Q. You're letting them go tomorrow?


Q. Off the rest of the week?


Q. What did you see from Nick Gates and what was it like to have him back on the field?

BRIAN DABOLL: I'd have to look at it. Just having him out there provides energy. He was excited all week. We know his story, so we'll just keep working with him.

Q. First snap, helped get that touchdown, was pretty excited about that. What do you think when you see that and how special is that for you guys as a team to see him enjoy that moment? It's been a long road for him.

BRIAN DABOLL: It's special, coming back from the injury, well-documented. Just want to be part of the team and do what he can. He's a great young guy to work with and wish we could have had a different outcome today.

Q. I don't know if you look at things at all like this, but at the halfway point of the season, do you feel like you're saying, keep your head up, do you feel it was a good first half of the season for you guys?

BRIAN DABOLL: We have a long season to goes 3-1 in the first quarter, 3-1 in the second quarter, obviously not good enough today. A lot to work on. Like I say every week, there's a lot to work on. Don't like the results of today but Seattle earned those ruts and we didn't so we'll come back, make corrections, do some self-scout and things like that during the week and try to fix some of the things that we need to fix like we do every week.

Q. One of the things that has been a problem for most of the first half is those fast starts, you had a decent one last week, but is there anything --

BRIAN DABOLL: They converted on some third and shorter to mediums, so when you have to punt on those, those are tough. You don't get anything going. You don't sustain any momentum. So certainly stuff we have to improve on.

Q. Did you expect to come out throwing? Obviously it's the game plan, you did last week.

BRIAN DABOLL: There were some RPOs in there that Mike called that they took away the run, so we threw a quick out to Slayton or we hit a slant to 17. So those were, if they were going to do this, we do that. If they play this, we do that.

Q. What was the mindset of the possession at the end of the first half to get the ball whack with a minute and a half, whatever it was?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, we had -- we didn't want them to take time-outs. It wasn't like we were moving the ball well so we were up and at it, if we got a first down, we could get going into it, not giving them the ball back with much time. So that was it.

Q. Stopping the run game, what were you seeing? What was the difference today?

BRIAN DABOLL: They just played good. They did a good job up front. They set the line of scrimmage. They tackled well. They had a lot of guys down there in the gaps. They played well.

Q. There are some games where you have to convince your guys, look, this is what we have to do differently next time, so that's why we lost. I would imagine with your guys this week, you can pretty much put on the tape and say, you guys are going to find -- you guys will know where you lost this game and even before the coaches pointed out?

BRIAN DABOLL: I think that happens every week with our guys. We try to be as consistent as we can with how we approach after a game, good or bad, there's certain things that you do well even though you lost and then there's certain things you didn't do well. I think that's the way we approach it. We just try to be as consistent as we can. Obviously turnovers are tough but there's a lot of other things, too, that we could have done better.

Q. A lot of focus this week on the deadline. Are you hopeful to make any moves?

BRIAN DABOLL: It's just after a game here. My focus is really not happy with the outcome today.

Q. When the run is not working, pass game is not working, what's the next step?

BRIAN DABOLL: Just coaching. Just be consistent with them. Coach them up.

Q. Big picture, first half of the season?

BRIAN DABOLL: I thought we did some good things. There's things obviously that we need to improve on. You know, long season left. Get rested up and come back out ready to go, and have a good week the following week.

Q. Pretty good, no matter how you cut it, correct?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I'm thinking of that right now. I'm not happy with what we did today. A long trip back, a lot to fix but we'll fix it.

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