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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/31/2022 8:59 am
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q. You tied the game up at 13 in the fourth quarter, made fourth quarters all year. Were you thinking you had a good chance at that point because it was something you had been doing lately?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I think we all felt like that. You know, had not done a lot of things great to that point but we found a way to get back and just didn't do enough and we got the ball back there to keep it going. So yeah, I've got to make a few more plays.

Q. Did you feel like they were focused on not letting you run the ball as you did last week?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I mean, I think they are doing a good job. With some of those zone read things and some of the nakeds and keeps and keeping the width on the defense. Credit to their defense. They played well today.

Q. A lot of people will want to look big picture, but you know this team and you know where you're at, how much focus gets put on today rather than the big picture for this team?

DANIEL JONES: I think a lot. Certainly tomorrow when we go in, we'll be focused on this game and there's a lot of things to focus on this game, a lot of things we did correct and a lot of things we didn't. We'll shore those up and make corrections. We'll look back to the first half to some extent and see where we can continue to improve. Imagine a lot of our focus will be on this game.

Q. You had almost 200 yards in the second half. Did you make any significant enough adjustments going into the second half?

DANIEL JONES: Not really. I think we found some things in the run game that were working and got into a rhythm a little bit on some of those drives. I think we just executed better and yeah, did a bunch of little things better that ended up helping us convert and move the ball better.

Q. Regardless of what's happened for you guys this year when you've gotten into the fourth quarter, either tied or right within striking distance, you've been the team that's been able to make the plays and avoid the mistakes. Did you feel like you guys were right there when the fourth quarter begins and that this was going to be another one of those games where you were going to make those plays to pull this one out?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I think we all did. I think we all had that feeling. We are confident in our ability to do that. We had not done -- we had not played a great game up to that point but confident in our ability to chose out games. Just didn't do enough down the stretch. Didn't make enough plays. Things we have to look back on and clean it up.

Q. Coming off your performance last week where you win offensive Player of the Week, the change to this week where things are more frustrating, what does that feel like, going from that high to having more of a frustrating performance for this team?

DANIEL JONES: I think that's part of playing at this level, playing in the NFL; that defenses are good, teams are good. Seattle deserves a lot of credit. They are a good defense and a good team. They played better than us today. We'll look to see how we can clean up some things and improve but that's the way it works in this league. Everyone is good, so you've got to bring you're A-game every week.

Q. To come out after halftime, you held the ball for almost nine minutes and you had to settle for the field goal at the end. Was that a little frustrating?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I think whenever we settle for field goals in those situations, it's frustrating. We want to score touchdowns. We weren't able to convert there -- in the end zone. That's something we have to look at.

Q. Looked like you had a nice rhythm going with Darius there in the second half. Were you looking for him? Did he just happen to be the guy?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I think he was doing a good job getting open, found some space in their zone, especially in third down and he made a couple really nice catches, contested catches and big plays for us. Like I said, I have a lot of trust and confidence in him.

Q. Going into the bye week, you're in a good spot overall, 6-2. With the trade deadline on Tuesday, it's the first time that you've been part of a team that, who knows if something is done by Tuesday, maybe it sends a different message to this team. Do you feel that at all when you guys leave tomorrow, wondering if there's anything that's going to be done by Joe and the department upstairs to get something that this team might need?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I mean, I don't think -- that's something that we don't control as players and you know, that's up to those guys. That's up to those guys upstairs to make those decisions. Whatever they do and whatever they decide, we'll go with but that's not our job and not in our control as players.

Q. This is sort of the halfway point of the season, you're 3-1 in each quarter and this is the best you've been at at this point in a season. What are your feelings about the big picture at this point?

DANIEL JONES: I think we have done some things well. You know, found a way to win some games. But like we've said, there's a lot still out there for us. I think today shows that a little bit. There's a lot we need to improve on and shore up if we want to continue to be the team that we think we can be. That's what our focus. Is we have been able to pull out some of these games and you know, 6-2 is not bad but there's a lot of work to do.

Q. You're close to Nick Gates and he's on the field when you guys scored that touchdown and looked like you were the first one to go up there when he was down on the ground and you had a nice block. Did you say anything? How happy are you for a guy to go through what he did and get out on the field today and make some plays?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, cool moment, just to see him suit up and run back out there today, and knowing what he's been through, knowing what he had to overcome, really not that long ago, a little over a year from now. So much respect to him and how hard he's worked and it's cool to see that and see him out there today. He played well.

Q. Do you guys feel like you have what you need to be a contender in the second half here right now as a team in this locker room?

DANIEL JONES: I do. I think we've got guys across the board who can make plays. We have guys up front that have been playing really well all season. Like I said, there's certainly a lot of things we have to clean up but I've got a lot of trust, a lot of confidence in the guys we have in the locker room.
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