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Post-Game Transcript: Safety Dane Belton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/13/2022 7:33 pm
Safety Dane Belton

Q: (Inaudible) It's not a game you get second chances often.

A: For sure, especially in this league. Being able to make a play in general is big. Especially seeing it right before and being able to come back was huge for sure.

Q: With (Safety) Xavier (McKinney) being out, how much was on you, (Safety) Julian (Love) and (Safety)(Jason) Pinnock to step up and make plays?

A: I wouldn't say it was too much on us. I feel like it's not bigger than what it is. X (Safety Xavier McKinney) is a great player and makes a lot of plays for this team. For us just coming in and filling that role and doing our job. Nothing more, like I said earlier. Just being able to play alongside those guys just helping us out just making plays and not having to do too much was big.

Q: Why has your redzone defense been so good overall as a team?

A: I feel like it's a standard we have. You always want to make a play, but when we're backed up it's really imperative that you've got to make a play right there. You don't want to give up points, especially with this defense. Just being able to focus on that throughout the week and being able to come through in the game and holding them to whatever the percentage was big for us and it showed in the final score.

Q: What was it like having (Safety) Julian (Love) with the green dot instead of (Safety) Xavier (McKinney)? How did that work out there?

A: It worked well. Julian is a really smart guy, he communicated well. I feel like there wasn't any hiccups at all. It's just one person having it to another person. It's not a dropoff. He communicated well, spread the information and just playing from there.
OK, but no questions about why he got X-rayed and  
Del Shofner : 11/13/2022 7:38 pm : link
how he's feeling?
RE: OK, but no questions about why he got X-rayed and  
section125 : 11/13/2022 7:39 pm : link
In comment 15905932 Del Shofner said:
how he's feeling?

I wonder, too. But he must be ok?
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