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Fantasy Football Discussion 11-16-2022

MadPlaid : 11/16/2022 11:14 am
I have a trade proposal I am interested in making, but I'm not sure I should do it. I'm in a non-ppr superflex keeper league. I'm presently 5-5. I'm one of the top scorers, but I have been unlucky. I am fairly certain I will make the top tier playoffs, but to win it all, I think I better make a trade.

My team presently:

QBs: Tagovailoa, Fields, K. Murray
RBs: Stevenson, Fournette, Henderson, Dillon, Pacheco, Z. White
WRs: Higgins, Pittman, Thielen, C. Watson, Toney
TE: Kittle

Kicker and D are unimportant at this time.

So, as you can see, my QBs have been carrying me. My other positions have not been very consistent. If I am going to win, I need to do something.

I'm looking to trade with a team, I think at 3-7, is not in contention for the top tier playoffs. The players I am interested in his roster are Kelse and McCaffery. They would be a big boost for me.

I was thinking of offering Tua and Kittle for Kelse and McCaffery. Tua is the only keepable player for a 6th round pick next year. What do you think? Too much, too little.
Should I offer something else? On my roster, the only other players who are keepable are Pittman for a 2, Pacheco for a 10, and Z. White for a 9. The other team, if they are going to bail on the season, will want decent keepable players.

Or, should I not make this trade at all? Fields and Murray have byes coming up. It could hurt my chances to trade away my only other option at QB. Especially when Murray has been inconsistent and is currently dealing with a bad hamstring.

Any feedback would be welcome and appreciated. Thank you
If I were you  
allstarjim : 11/16/2022 12:23 pm : link
There's no way I'd make this trade.

I know with Tua on bye you are looking at your lineup and feeling pretty good. But you said it yourself, your QBs are carrying you...and this being a SuperFlex cannot afford to trade one of your three, and I honestly wouldn't want to be in a position to play Murray every week.

Murray was hurt for this last game, too. What would happen if you make the trade and lose a QB for multiple weeks? Your season is over, that's what. The downside is monumental here.

Sit tight. If there is an opportunity to move a receiver and Kittle in a package deal, depending on if you can add a Juwan Johnson or other TE from waivers, to get a RB you can look there. I would not move anyone but Pittman or Thielen, though. Perhaps Foreman or Brian Robinson is a guy you could target. You have to be careful the spots you play them in, but that would be my advice.

Good news is you have two guys who may put up really big numbers the last 6 or 7 weeks here...Toney and Watson. With Higgins, that's huge upside. I would try to have all three in my lineup.

My depth chart would be: Higgins, Toney, Watson, Pittman, Thielen

And I know people may disagree on Pittman that low, but I believe Watson is going places.
I agree...  
GMen72 : 11/16/2022 12:35 pm : link
QBs are too valuable in superflex leagues. If anything, try to trade Murray. I'd bet he has some value with so many big name QBs struggling?

Murray and Kittle for Kelce? (Maybe another lesser guy thrown in?) They probably don't accept that, but never know? Try to get Taylor(Indy) cheap and hope he heats up.

If I'm trading a good QB in a suprflex league, gotta get back a better QB than Murray.
Thank you, allstar and GMEN  
MadPlaid : 11/16/2022 2:27 pm : link
Appreciate the feedback. I knew I needed to discuss this with a wide audience.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. If anything happens to either of my remaining QBs, I'm fudged. Murray has been up and down this year. Although, with Hopkins return, he's been better. Not great, just better.

I was considering if I deal Tua, it would hurt, but with the improvements from RB and TE would mask the downgrade, and would help me over the top overall. However, I was worried it wouldn't be enough of an overall upgrade. From the feedback, I think it is too risky. I'm probably better off working out another deal or something. Also, long term, Tua is keepable next year, so I am assured of having a terrific player for the future.
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