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The essence of a franchise reestablished

G-crew18 : 11/16/2022 4:25 pm
Leading up to the season I perceived the transformation GM Joe Sheon and HC Brian Daboll imparted on the 2022 New York Football Giants Football Team would be Parcellian in Nature. Though slammed for my optimism, reaching the midpoint of this year's campaign our Gmen have rewarded us with a 7-2 opening stanza. The front office has managed a volatile financial crisis, drafted a talented impactful rookie class, recruited veteran FAs who have credibly performed, and assembled a coaching staff whose abundant attributes include wisdom, ingenuity, professionalism, high football IQ, player development, and leadership.

Ironically many here focus on what is not present at this time on the roster to validate their assessment of the legitimacy of our Gmen, and their chances going forward. I believe that a new era has arisen, that ownership entrusted our franchise to capable astute minds who refrain from projections and rather let results speak for themselves. Witnessing the evolution of a culture we've sought and desired to formulate should earn our respect, trust, and gratitude. We need to be encouraged that management will continue to seek, acquire and retain talented athletes who will enhance the team's performance, increasing their ability to succeed.

Looking back at the 2 losses neither was DJ's fault rather denied the opportunity to give his team a chance to tie and win. Even though the team was severely outplayed for most of the game DJ was stopped by his receiver slipping and falling causing the ball to be picked off while driving for the tie against Dallas and multiple fumbles by PR James denying the opportunity to mount a game-tying/winning drive if coach Daboll would have gone for 2 upon scoring a TD. It's time to recognize that few could have performed under such unnatural circumstances, (second offseason a pandemic, no offseason training, no team bonding, no OTAs, no minicamp, no preseason games, new coaching staff, new playbook, with little leadership, having to overcome fanbase who venomously rejected him) doing so with class, no public retort just hard work and commitment to the team. I say those of you who don't like DJ as the New York Football Giants QB of the future should as the big Tuna used to say "Take a Hike".
This season DJ has 5 game-winning final drives, more than any other QB this season, an 8-2 TD/INT ratio, 1,596 passing yds, 387 yds rushing with 3 TDs. It's time to give DJ the respect and support he deserves.

Saquon Barkley's performance this season of 198 att/931 yds 6 TDs rushing, 29 rec/197 yds receiving.

Darius Slayton has 19 rec/327 yds receiving 2 TDs

These offensive leaders share one commonality leading into this season, most on this forum wanted them traded or released before, during, or after this season.

My point is that the new front office and coaching staff are now identifying the young talent treasures within the Giants roster. What we should be discovering is that the problem has not been the assembled talent but rather coaching, player development, instilling a winning culture, and leadership of men. Yesterday former 1st rd DT Vernon Butler was signed not as a centerpiece but as an intriguing complementary who can be impactful with DLaw and Leo's established dominance. I firmly believe that the brain trust of our team has recognized our need at WR, therefore enter Isaiah Hodgins an extremely productive college receiver at Oregan St. Joining him to Slayton, Robinson has given immediate results. If OBJ passes the discerning scrutiny of the Giants front office and coaching staff, it means that they fully expect him to contribute at a high level by being an asset to the offensive output.

To those who may consider this post as vitriol of bias homerism, I quote Saquon "stay on your side of the fence" if this season turns out to be truly special. The reason OBJ according to his HS coach and mentor prefers NY he realized he was truly happy here, his buddies Saquon and Shep are here, and winning here would be a dream come true for all of them. I stand by my preseason prediction of 12-5, ironically anticipating that a Big Tuna disciple will restore the franchise's glory by employing a Parcellian ethos.

Go Big Blue!!
I don't know if you're right, but  
Josh in MD : 11/16/2022 4:50 pm : link
this was fun to read.
Thanks Josh MD  
G-crew18 : 11/16/2022 5:20 pm : link
Joe Sheon was hired by Parcells while in Miami. Brian Daboll a Saban/Belichick disciple has instilled a culture many Parcell players identify with. While the Lions should not be overlooked they will be hard-pressed to beat the Giants. The litmus test will be Dallas where I expect Evan Neal will be looking for payback. Notice EN returned to practice today. The players are not talking about it but I sense a grim determination manifesting within the locker room, the reason is the inspiring story, determination, and overcoming example of Nick Gates. He is the new Richie Shubert the man who galvanized the OL to championship glory.
Excellent post.  
18E : 11/16/2022 5:44 pm : link
I agree on all counts.
Great Post. I just posted the below in a different thread  
SteelGiant : 11/16/2022 7:34 pm : link
but it is even more fitting on this one:

This is literally the “smart” part and the “dependable” part of this new regime’s motto. The reason why athletically talented players are not just given snaps on game-day. The reason why players are picked up off the street and able to be productive quickly.

This regime puts more value in players knowing their assignments and being able to right thing at the correct time. Defensive and offensive players need to know their reads and understand the options. Our players are going to know their assignments or they can’t play. You can even see when Daboll gets fired up on the sideline, it is at his angriest when someone is not where they are supposed to be.

I’m pumped about this team and the new regime. This is closest I have seen a team built from the Belichick tree and look to do it properly. There were years during the New England dynasty that I would say they are beating teams with a whole bunch no name defenders and offensive player value pickups that exploded on that team.

Easy for fans and media to dismiss this team due to past years but winning cures all. They can not believe it for as long as they feel necessary but it is all meaningless if the Giants keep winning.

We are continued to be viewed as talent short roster that is amazingly 7-2, worst 7-2 team ever LOL. Yes, we are not the perfect team but neither are the teams that other fans and media romanticize about. We do have holes and I am not sure how far this team can go, but the promise is already here. This is not fool's gold. Style points are what they are labeled and nothing more. However the only points that matter are the ones on the scoreboard when the final whistle blows.

What makes a good playoff team?
A team with resilience and able to win tough close games?
A team with a solid defense?
A team with a good to great rushing attack?
A team that wins the turnover battle and limits errors or self inflicted wounds?

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