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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2022 5:23 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: Statistically the Lions are not good on defense. When you look at them, what do you see in terms of the challenges and what kind of talent level they have?

A: I think they're physical, I think that jumps off the tape when you watch them at all three levels. Upfront, linebackers, and secondary – they all play physically, and they've got some talent. They've got some good players who can make plays and affect the game. I don't think we're reading too much into any statistic or anything. We watch the tape and see that they're a good defense.

Q: You were saying how you're getting to the line fast and (Offensive Coordinator Mike) Kafka would be in your ear. How much have you guys done that before the Houston game?

A: We've done it here and there in spots. It's probably the game we've done the most of it in.

Q: How much does it help? What does it add?

A: It's just another tempo. It's another way to keep the defense on their heels and make them adjust to what we're doing.

Q: What's it like for you to be at the line and have him in your ear?

A: It can be helpful. I think we're just trying to get the best look we can. It's gone well.

Q: When you have a play like the third down scramble in the fourth quarter you take a big hit, you get the first down. Do you have to pick your spots on plays like that on when you're willing and able to take a hit? Or are you not even thinking that deeply about it as the play is unfolding?

A: I think if it wasn't third down maybe I would've gotten down a little quicker. In any situation like that when you're trying to pick up the first down, you've got to have an awareness of where that line is and do what you've got to do to get there.

Q: Have you had any effects on the neck injury taking hits?

A: I really haven't, no. I've felt good.

Q: When you face an offense that can be explosive does that create an expectation or even pressure on you guys to try to score as much as you can because you know they're capable of doing the same thing?

A: I think we're always trying to score as many points as we can. Every time we get the ball we're trying to put it in the end zone. That doesn't change week to week based off who we're playing. We're confident in our defense. They've done a great job all year against some really powerful offenses. Our approach is to score every time you touch it and that won't change.

Q: As an offensive lineman they say, 'hey we want to run the ball.' As a quarterback I assume you probably want to throw it. In a perfect world, would you like it, and would you say, 'Let's go around and sling the ball more if we can'?

A: I think we all just want to win. Regardless of what position you play you want to win, you want to score as many points as you can and win the game. That's where we're all focused, that's where I'm focused. We've won in different ways this year and depending on what the defense is doing, depending on how the games going we've adjusted our style.

Q: Do you like shootouts? Do you like playing them?

A: Yeah, I think so. Like I said offensively you're trying to score every time you touch it. When it's a competitive game like that, then it's certainly fun to play in.

Q: Did you have a memorable shootout in your career? Your very first start was one.

A: Not a ton of them. I think Washington that year was – the second game. Anytime you get in those situations where the balls in your hand trying to win the game, that's a fun situation to be in.

Q: A lot of people say you're playing your best football of your career. Knowing that, is there part of you that lately wants to open it up a little more because you are playing so well and take advantage of what you are doing?

A: I don't think I've thought about that a ton. It's about, like I said, winning games. Regardless of what position you play you want to win the game. So, that's the most important thing and that's where I'm focused. Continue to make good decisions and when we have opportunities to make plays in the pass game, we do it.

Q: What do you think when people say that assessment that you're playing the best football of your career?

A: I think I've improved week to week. I think I probably am playing better than I have in years past, but that's the goal, to improve every year. I'll continue to try to do that going forward.

Q: Can you sustain running (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) 35 times a week?

A: Like I said, we've won different ways and we have the ability to do a lot of different things on offense. He's an incredible player, it goes without saying. He's been huge for us and if that's what it takes, that's what it takes, and I know he's certainly willing to do that. He's played awesome for us.

Q: That drill you did earlier at practice today, do you enjoy that drill? Working on footwork with (Quarterbacks Coach) Shea (Tierney)…

A: All the drills we do in those periods we try to simulate game-like movements and replicate things that happen in the game and things we can improve on. Shea does a great job with those drills.

Q: Is there any competition going on there at all with the other two?

A: Yeah, there's a net competition, who hits the most nets.

Q: Did you win today?

A: I think (Quarterback) Davis (Webb) won today. He had a good day.
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