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NFT: NY Rangers vs. Seattle Kraken in the Krak Den - 10 PM

Anakim : 11/17/2022 9:11 pm
Same lineup as last game (so Kravtsov and Zac Jones are scratched)

Go Rangers!
Seattles a shitty team  
DaddyM89 : 11/17/2022 9:29 pm : link
Let's hope they take care of business tonight.
RE: Seattles a shitty team  
Anakim : 11/17/2022 9:32 pm : link
In comment 15911599 DaddyM89 said:
Let's hope they take care of business tonight.

Actually, they're not bad. They have the same number of points as we do! Haha.
Hey, look at that, Hajek's guy scores  
Greg from LI : 11/17/2022 10:16 pm : link
What a shock!

He's trash and doesn't belong on an NHL roster
Is this the worst camera angle for a NHL game??  
shockeyisthebest8056 : 11/17/2022 11:22 pm : link
It’s somehow both too low and too far away.
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