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Chark active for Lions

nym172 : 11/19/2022 4:41 pm
huge for the lions...big tall WR for the lions, but Reynolds was ruled out. could be a difference in the redzone.

we missed hockenson, reynolds, and eventually jameson williams, but chark just got active.

this lions team next year will have weapons galore.
What the hell is a "Chark?"  
BlackLight : 11/19/2022 5:07 pm : link
Meh.. he's been out for awhile with a signficant injury. Will probably  
Strahan91 : 11/19/2022 5:08 pm : link
be on a pitch count and isn't really a difference maker to begin with. ARSB on the other hand is a handful
Chark just returned to practice on Wednesday...  
Big Blue Blogger : 11/19/2022 5:20 pm : link
... after re-injuring his ankle in Week 3.

The Lions were down to three (yes, THREE) wide receivers after Trinity Benson went down last week and Josh Reynolds was ruled out. They had to add bodies alongside St. Brown, Raymond, and Kennedy. So they elevated Berryhill from the practice squad and they are dressing Chark ahead of the schedule they probably planned on.

They've been cautious with the ankle up to now. Unless the Lions think Chark gives them a real edge, I doubt we will see a lot of him tomorrow.
DJ Chark  
widmerseyebrow : 11/19/2022 5:21 pm : link
Doo doo do do do do
Chark is very big and very fast  
Ira : 11/19/2022 5:52 pm : link
RE: Chark is very big and very fast  
Producer : 11/19/2022 6:07 pm : link
In comment 15913023 Ira said:

Yes. But still a disappointing player, injuries and uneven production when healthy.
RE: DJ Chark  
JoeSchoens11 : 11/19/2022 8:32 pm : link
In comment 15913002 widmerseyebrow said:
Doo doo do do do do
Thanks. I really appreciate getting that stuck in my head
Any pass over 19 yards in tomorrow's wind  
ChicagoMarty : 11/19/2022 9:27 pm : link
will be in jeopardy.

This guy is a deep threat in normal weather

Tomorrow will be a run heavy offensive show on both sides.
Chark was the WR I wanted the Giants to trade for  
Jay on the Island : 11/19/2022 9:45 pm : link
at the deadline before he got hurt. He would be a nice cheaper option in free agency to add depth and talent at WR.
Put big pressure on the qb and he is negated!  
Jack Stroud : 11/19/2022 11:24 pm : link
Big thing  
mdthedream : 11/20/2022 8:09 am : link
is its not a dome game. Windy and cold. Play defense and run the ball type of game. Fits Giants well.
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