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Do we have enough depth on D

Adirondack GMen : 11/19/2022 7:12 pm
With Dallas looming 4 days from the end of our game tomorrow could we rotate Dex & Leo with out a big drop in production? We have Ellis and Mondeaux could they provide the resistance up the middle and get help from LBs?
I know the game at hand needs to be won first ( never look past your current opponent)but could we / do we have what it takes to think about resting some key bodies and keep them some what fresh for Thursday?
Butler my guess will be a PS elevation for that game  
nym172 : 11/19/2022 7:17 pm : link
they will have Butler to use for 3 elevation over the final 7 weeks without using a roster spot.
It's okay if there's girth  
robbieballs2003 : 11/19/2022 7:36 pm : link
To supplement for the depth.
And maybe Dallas ' Pass Rushers will be tired on Thursday too.  
No Where Man : 11/19/2022 7:40 pm : link
Larry in Pencilvania : 11/19/2022 7:59 pm : link
There is no  
joeinpa : 11/19/2022 8:54 pm : link
Way this coaching staff is thinking about keeping guys fresh for Dallas, nor should they be.

Goal is get to Dallas 8-2, then worry about Dallas
RE: There is no  
Ira : 11/19/2022 9:06 pm : link
In comment 15913154 joeinpa said:
Way this coaching staff is thinking about keeping guys fresh for Dallas, nor should they be.

Goal is get to Dallas 8-2, then worry about Dallas

This. We're not that good that we can afford to take any nfl team for granted.
No not ideally  
djm : 11/19/2022 9:42 pm : link
Defense still lacks numbers. It’s close but we need another offseason. We need bodies along the front 7, both starter and depth wise. Not to mention the McKinney injury is devastating.

We have star power and building blocks but need more. Still, it could be a lot worse. The offense needs attention too but it also possesses some key building blocks to build around.
The staff is 'damned if they do, damned if they don't.'  
Big Blue Blogger : 11/20/2022 6:14 am : link
If it were feasible to lighten the load on Williams and Lawrence, they would have done it already. They have tried - most recently in the second quarter against Houston, with Lawrence getting a breather - and the results have been mostly disastrous. Ellis is cooked, Mondeaux is a JAG who has cleared waivers six times, and Anderson is a year or two away from becoming whatever he's going to be, which might be nothing. Butler just got here; fingers crossed that he raises the floor.

There isn't much choice but to ride the two stars, try to get to 8-2, then deal with the consequences for Thanksgiving. The best-case scenario is that the Giant offense torches the Lions and Coach Patterson can rotate DL heavily in the second half, replacing the big men with surplus EDGE defenders like Fox and Smith. The worst-case (perhaps more likely) scenario involves burning out Dex and Leo in a close game and losing anyway.

As for "new hope" Vernon Butler, he was a bust as a first-round pick in Carolina. He was a bust as a mid-tier UFA in Buffalo. He was a bust as a low-end UFA this summer with the Raiders, who are probably pleased that another team will pay some of Butler's modest salary guarantee. Aside from a brief "contract drive" in 2019, Vernon Butler has been consistently terrible since entering the League in 2016. He may now be the Giants' third-best defensive lineman*.

That's where we are. Thoughts and prayers to Coach 'Dre.

* - In this context, DL excludes versatile EDGE players like Ward and Thibodeaux.
The best case  
Semipro Lineman : 11/20/2022 7:04 am : link
scenario would be for the Giants to dominate the Time of Possession stat in order to keep Detroit's' defense on the field instead of their own
Probably don't have enough horsepower with toughest  
NYGgolfer : 11/20/2022 9:15 am : link
part of schedule coming up.

Beavers injury really was a tough one as you see our guys in the middle just not getting it done. McKinney's issues don't help either.

Imagine Moreau will also be a favorite of opposing QBs down the stretch too.
Giants have good depth at LB  
Vanzetti : 11/20/2022 10:27 am : link
Mostly because the starters are not really much better than the backups.

But they are thin along the DL and secondary.

That said, how many teams have great depth at CB and DL?
Highlander : 11/20/2022 10:48 am : link
We have Wink. We have been thin all season yet Wink and his defensive coaches prepare the players very well and continue to execute at a high level. I don't expect anything different today.
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