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Are FAs really going to want to play at MetLife?

DonnieD89 : 11/20/2022 4:33 pm
Week after week we see the same thing with the knee injuries. With the Giants having FA money available for next year, do players really have an incentive to come? I just hope the new incoming new turf is not a fraudulent bill of goods.
Jonesin 4 A Ship : 11/20/2022 4:35 pm : link
They already said they are replacing the turf
what is the new turf?  
sharp315 : 11/20/2022 4:36 pm : link
I have not heard anything about it. I would expect ownership of the Jets and Giants would want to correct this so that their teams are decimated by injuries every year - but what do I know.
RE: Dude,  
DonnieD89 : 11/20/2022 4:36 pm : link
In comment 15915221 Jonesin 4 A Ship said:
They already said they are replacing the turf

Dude! Did you read my last sentence?
If they want to get paid  
GFAN52 : 11/20/2022 4:44 pm : link
they will.
Remember when people asked if free agents would  
bmgints : 11/20/2022 5:17 pm : link
Want to play under Coughlin?

99.999999999999% of free agent decisions are made based on which team offers the most.
Though I wish Kenny Golladay had considered not signing because of MetLife.
Getting away from FieldTurf is good, but the new stuff  
widmerseyebrow : 11/20/2022 5:22 pm : link
is anyone's guess. The Giants thought they were curing their injury woes switching from UBU Speed turf in 2020 and look how that turned out.
If paid well enough  
The Dude : 11/20/2022 5:30 pm : link
FAs will play anywhere lol. What are we talking about here?

No doubt turf needs to/will be changed...but certainly has no effect on FAs.
No guarantee the new turf (also artificial)  
Matt M. : 11/20/2022 6:50 pm : link
will be better. As pointed out, this version of FieldTurf was supposed to improve issues with the prior version.
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