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they need to use jones legs more

nym172 : 11/20/2022 5:15 pm
we are not good enough to ignore that till we are down.
it needs to be part of the gameplan week in and week out.

it opens up our passing and running lanes for SB.

just saw dak using the RPO as well.
RELICDOA : 11/20/2022 5:19 pm : link
The coaching staff played into this loss as well. I feel like we tried to force the run for too long. I feel like needed to go into pass mode with DJ as the run option to open things up earlier.
No team can overcome 3 TO’s and injuries, bad ref calls, missed kicks. Worst game of this new staff by far.
He's averaging 7+ per game...  
bw in dc : 11/20/2022 5:19 pm : link
That's pretty solid for any QB outside of Fields, who is running out of his mind.
isn't he already like 3rd QB in the league in rush yards?  
sharp315 : 11/20/2022 5:21 pm : link
Also considering his injury history I would not recommend treating him like a RB. He also SUCKS at sliding and takes contact basically every time he runs.
Agree. Barkley couldn't run for shit today  
Dave in Hoboken : 11/20/2022 5:21 pm : link
but Jones was able to. Should've run him alittle more.
Sure, let's get Jones  
Bill in UT : 11/20/2022 5:24 pm : link
injured too, while we're at it
He gets clobbered enough back there.  
Since1965 : 11/20/2022 5:35 pm : link
Need to stay selective with the runs.
No way! Your qb should not be part of the run game, the qb running  
Jack Stroud : 11/20/2022 5:45 pm : link
should only be done when the qb wants to do it, Jones gets hurt season over! You saw what happened when he didn't pay last year!
Vanilla Vick!  
Spider43 : 11/20/2022 7:13 pm : link
Quon Quon and the forum want more VV!
RG3 agrees  
RobCrossRiver56 : 11/20/2022 7:20 pm : link
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