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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/20/2022 6:56 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: I guess the first question is did (Detroit defensive lineman Aidan) Hutchinson just drop back and you didn't see him?

A: Yeah, didn't see him there. Got to see it, bad decision there. Good play by him, can't afford to do that.

Q: Most of the time you don't want to play a football game three days later but in this case you are. Is this a situation where after this loss, you're anxious to get back at it? You don't mind playing in four days?

A: I think so, yeah. I think we're all already anxious to get this taste out of our mouths and come back and play a much better football game.

Q: Was this a game where the things you had done well all season – you weren't able to do any of them well? Not you personally, but the team?

A: Yeah, I mean credit to Detroit – they had a good plan and stopped us in some areas that we've had success. I think credit to them, but we got to look at ourselves and see where we can execute better.

Q: That first interception – can you take us through that and what you saw?

A: Yeah, just got to see him dropping out. Can't afford to make that decision. Good play by him and can't afford to do that.

Q: The injury situation you guys had today, just kind of people dropping consecutively, how hard is that for you as a quarterback and then losing (wide receiver) Wan'Dale (Robinson)?

A: Tough to see him go down. I thought he played really well today, made some really big plays for us throughout the game. To see him go down like that is tough and feel for him. We've had guys step up and play well throughout the year, so it won't be any different here. We all got his back and supporting him for sure.

Q: It seems after most games we've seen you guys in the locker room, you've been celebrating. What was the feeling like today?

A: We certainly weren't celebrating. I think we're all pretty disappointed with our effort today and how we played – not up to our standard, not up to what we're capable of doing. I think that's the disappointing part of it, and we've got to evaluate that, study it and make sure we can't let those things happen again. Another opportunity here in a few days to correct those things.
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