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So who are the next men up?

regischarlotte : 11/20/2022 7:27 pm
What does this team look like when it takes the field at Jerry World in four days?
...Raises hand...  
bluewave : 11/20/2022 7:28 pm : link
I guess I could play since we have no damn healthy players left :)
might be less depressing, instead of watching game in 4K....  
thrunthrublue : 11/20/2022 7:32 pm : link
watch one of those nature films, where a little lamb is injured, limping on one leg, and a pride of lions shows least its over quick.
AFC practice squads  
sharp315 : 11/20/2022 7:33 pm : link
I don't know, I do know it will get ugly fast!  
Jack Stroud : 11/20/2022 7:48 pm : link
This team doesn’t have the juice  
Breeze_94 : 11/20/2022 10:20 pm : link
To make a run.

It’s a shame too. Fully healthy I think this is a pretty good team.

If you ranked the Giants top 15 players
1. Thomas
2. Barkley
3. Dex
4. Leo
5. McKinney
6. Adoree
7. Jones
8. Love
9. Ojulari
10. Thibs
11. Neal
12. Bellinger
13. Wan’Dale
14. Moreau
15. Slayton

7 of them likely to miss the game Thursday…brutal. Plus Bredeson/Feliciano on the OL
Kalil Pimpleton is one ‘next man up’.  
Big Blue Blogger : 11/21/2022 4:22 am : link
He’ll presumably be elevated this week, to take over on returns and back up Richie James in the slot.

At corner, if Moreau is out along with Jackson, we’ll probably see Flott, McCloud and Williams rotate outside in different packages, and Holmes in the slot. Moving Holmes outside is never a great option, and the Dallas WRs all have about five inches on him. Zyon Gilbert might suit up for depth.

The offensive line is unknowable, pending injury updates. Next man up would be Peart at RT and Gates at C. On the other hand, Phillips and Feliciano might be OK, and we’re assuming Evan Neal will remain out. Lemieux may have played his way to a seat on the bench behind Ezeudu at LG. Some rust was to be expected, but he was awful.
RE: AFC practice squads  
giantBCP : 11/21/2022 6:22 am : link
In comment 15915764 sharp315 said:

The very best of the AFC practice squads. Thoroughly scouted and vetted in line with “the vision”.
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