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And now Cager signed to 53

mort christenson : 11/22/2022 4:08 pm
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I think he will be  
section125 : 11/22/2022 4:09 pm : link
a decent player.
RE: I think he will be  
Danny Kanell : 11/22/2022 4:17 pm : link
In comment 15918395 section125 said:
a decent player.

I agree
He should cut weight  
Kevin(formerly Tiki4Six) : 11/22/2022 4:38 pm : link
And get back to his WR weight. He had a pretty good senior season at UGA.
I could see him and Bellinger being a good duo  
nygiants16 : 11/22/2022 4:43 pm : link
Can't block worth  
Gman11 : 11/22/2022 4:56 pm : link
RE: Can't block worth  
kcgiants : 11/22/2022 5:23 pm : link
In comment 15918429 Gman11 said:

And wasn't it him that dropped a wide open 2 pt conversion?
RE: RE: Can't block worth  
Gman11 : 11/22/2022 6:11 pm : link
In comment 15918454 kcgiants said:
In comment 15918429 Gman11 said:



And wasn't it him that dropped a wide open 2 pt conversion?

Not only that. He laughed about it.
He also caught a lot of balls.  
ZoneXDOA : 11/23/2022 12:00 am : link
Drops happen. He can learn how to block. And he was likely laughing because he knew he screwed up. I do it. It’s the easiest way to quickly move on from a mistake. Laugh at yourself, shake it off and move on.
Cager seems to fit what the staff envisions…  
Big Blue Blogger : 11/23/2022 5:37 am : link
… as a complement to Daniel Bellinger. None of the guys they have tried - Seals-Jones, Akins, Miller, Myarick (in a slightly different role), Hudson, Cager - have been good in-line blockers. Kafka and Daboll aren’t shy about telegraphing their intentions by inserting extra linemen when they just need a block. They do it partly because none of their TEs can block, but there appears to be a niche for a pass-catching specialist. So despite his shortcomings, Cager may have a decent chance of sticking around beyond 2022. He obviously can’t afford more drops.

Nick Vannett is more of a short-term replacement for Bellinger, though we might see them on the field together when Bellinger returns. That will bear watching. For now, the staff is just scrambling to fill a Bellinger-sized hole in the offense. Hence the urgency to get Vannett ready to play.
He’s okay  
Tuckrule : 11/23/2022 5:46 am : link
I do not like him when he’s inline. Flashbacks of EE blocking. Issue is, without Belly, we don’t have a tight end who can block consistently. Losing him was a gigantic loss to the entire offense. He’s a tough kid and hopefully he’s back for the commanders game.
mdthedream : 11/23/2022 9:37 am : link
they can also block in jumpo package.
No fumbles  
thrunthrublue : 11/23/2022 11:31 am : link
Never will be a Y TE  
Bob in Newburgh : 11/23/2022 12:21 pm : link
But can be a dangerous move TE, both quantity and average.

Has worked up to 240+ lbs and can be used as a gain position/hold position type blocker on the move.
So A Jets Castoff  
Samiam : 11/23/2022 1:58 pm : link
In mid season, he makes the roster and is probably an important part of the offense at least until Bellinger comes back. That tells you the state of the TE position here.
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