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Tuesday NYG Round-Up (Injury Report and Roster Moves)

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/22/2022 4:22 pm

Tuesday New York Giants Injury Report and Roster Moves - ( New Window )
loved this answer from Daboll:  
Bill in UT : 11/22/2022 4:32 pm : link
Q: Have you had a turducken before?

A: I have not. Might look like I did, but I didn’t.
Feel Better Soon Andrew Thomas  
kinard : 11/22/2022 5:53 pm : link
I mean REAL soon
Forget checkers and chess  
JoeSchoens11 : 11/22/2022 6:32 pm : link
Our coach has gone quantum with playing statuses simultaneously being possible and impossible:
Q: If that’s the case with all the other guys you’re talking about, that sounds like relatively good news with all these other guys if it’s a possibility.

A: It’s a possibility, but it’s also not a possibility. That’s what I’m saying…
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