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Playoff Picture

mfjmfj : 11/24/2022 8:57 am
Obviously game day and we all want the Giants to go out play hard and win. Great if they do. Practically a lock to make the playoffs if they manage that.

However, the good news is that a loss in this game does not make playoffs that much more difficult. If you look at the overall standings, beating the redskins twice should be enough to have a really good shot. Not saying that beating them twice is easy or even likely, but hopefully we are healthier for those games and so it will not seem like such a high hill to climb.
Beating Dallas today  
LittleBlue : 11/24/2022 9:19 am : link
Would be nice because it puts us back in competition for a home playoff game or even the bye week. Just don’t tell all the gloomers.
If they can’t sweep Washington  
ajr2456 : 11/24/2022 10:49 am : link
The playoffs may get dicey
Named Later : 11/24/2022 10:53 am : link
What does the O-Line look like today ?? Who are the 5 starters ??
gidiefor : Mod : 11/24/2022 10:53 am : link
The Five Starters are Oates, Nelson, Seubert, Diehl &  
GiantBlue : 11/24/2022 11:09 am : link
Thomas..........Can I have those five in their prime please?

Why do people think we can easily beat Washington?  
mattlawson : 11/24/2022 11:32 am : link
They just beat the eagles on the road playing our exact game and they looked spirited doing it. And the dominated last week. I’m going to the dec 18 game and I fully expect it to be tight
RE: The Five Starters are Oates, Nelson, Seubert, Diehl &  
Named Later : 11/24/2022 11:32 am : link
In comment 15919698 GiantBlue said:
Thomas..........Can I have those five in their prime please?

That was a good group, wasn't it? A couple of mid-round draftees, 2 Free Agents, and a Brick Wall at Left Tackle !!
floridafan : 11/24/2022 3:34 pm : link
Ain't happening.
3/4 of this team would be on another teams practice squad or on the street.
Enjoy the 7 wins , nobody expected it.
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