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Guess the starting OL Sunday

Bob from Massachusetts : 11/29/2022 2:53 pm
I'm guessing Thomas/Bredeson/Feliciano/Glowinski/Neal with Gates as the swing tackle. Personally I'd prefer Gates at center and Feliciano on the bench. Gates can play that extra lineman position better than most and probably better than Feliciano. Sure will be great to get Bellinger back as well, which seems like it will happen and will help the run blocking.
I really hope they don’t sit Gates  
Giantgator : 11/29/2022 3:04 pm : link
for Feliciano.
Gates is a  
46and2Blue : 11/29/2022 3:13 pm : link
nasty presence, I'm betting he gets the nod over Feliciano.
It will depends on  
Bill in UT : 11/29/2022 3:35 pm : link
how game-ready the returnees are. Bredeson and Neal should both play and will probably get rotated, and I'm not sure either will start. I'd hoping Gates at center.
As long as Gates didn’t experience  
Jay on the Island : 11/29/2022 3:59 pm : link
Any unusual soreness after the game he should be the starting center the rest of the season but I think they will go back to Feliciano.
broadbandz : 11/29/2022 4:18 pm : link
Feliciano and Glowinski are god awful.
My guess  
Biteymax22 : 11/29/2022 4:20 pm : link
If Gates is healthy, he needs to start  
Greg from LI : 11/29/2022 4:24 pm : link
He's their second-best lineman after Thomas.
For THIS week  
Dave on the UWS : 11/29/2022 4:47 pm : link
I think Gates will be the LG and Feliciano the center. Don’t think Brederson is ready yet. Needs another week of practice. Gates will start- somewhere. He brings an attitude that Johnson and Daboll like.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/29/2022 4:49 pm : link
reporters pretty much told you who will be starting.
Next years starters  
Earl the goat : 11/29/2022 5:40 pm : link
From left to right



Only three choices, either good, adequate, or awful. You pick but  
plato : 11/29/2022 6:22 pm : link
unlike Wall Street says, “Past performance is best guide to future performances”. Scares me facing a hot “skin” team with a great defensive front.
Giants, PLEASE don't move Gates again ....  
Manny in CA : 11/29/2022 10:21 pm : link

He's the best center on the team. Shuffling him around degrades the interior of the line. His strength is coordinating that unit as well as covering mistakes by the two guards beside him.
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