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Post-Game Transcript: Kicker Graham Gano

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/4/2022 7:34 pm
Kicker Graham Gano

Q: Going into the final kick, how close did you think you needed to get based on the conditions?

A: We were about five yards away from it. We knew that going in but at the end of the game you have to take a shot at it. Hit a good ball, just going into the wind that way, it's cold. That's just the way it is. Something I wish I could hit it further but I tried to give it a chance.

Q: So you thought the operation was good?

A: Yeah, the operation was fine. I thought it was smooth. I hit a good ball, just not enough. Going that way, we knew we had to get a little bit closer, but at the end you have to take a shot.

Q: This one was 58 (yards) and when you're kicking one that far, does anything change in your approach supposed to when you're kicking one that's closer?

A: No. I know a lot of people think you have to really line drive it, but you just have to hit the same kick. It's just tough. I don't really know what to say about it. I hit a good ball and just wish we had gotten to our line.

Q: So when you hit it, you thought it was going to be good?

A: I could tell I didn't have enough. I could tell right off the foot. I wanted to kick it straight, and it was straight, just not enough leg on it.

Q: You said the line was about another five yards?

A: Yeah, the line was about a 53-yarder. Everybody knew that. At the end, you've got to kick it whether it's 58 or 63. Wherever it's at, you've got to give it a shot. The whole operation was fine, hit a good ball. I'm not disappointed with the way I hit it. Of course, I would want to hit further, but conditions wise, sometimes that's how it goes.
So with 15 seconds left and everyone knowing  
The Turk : 12/4/2022 7:56 pm : link
you need to get 10 yards why throw a 5 yard pass?
With 1:45 left why throw two bombs?  
gtt350 : 12/4/2022 8:00 pm : link
With 1:45 left why throw two bombs?  
gtt350 : 12/4/2022 8:00 pm : link
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