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Transcript: Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/7/2022 6:14 pm
Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Q: On throwing deep versus Washington.

A: A little bit of both. I think we definitely are trying. Offense is, obviously, a lot easier. We can create explosives. And obviously when I made the one, however many yards it was, we ended up scoring on that drive because it's really hard in the NFL to go nine plays, 75 yards. It's way easier to hit one chunk (and make it) four plays, 75 yards. So, we took a couple shots. We were able to hit some of them.

Q: With their corners, can you go deep?

A: Yeah. I think I can get deep on anybody. If they give us the opportunity, I'm sure we'll take it.

Q: Is the best two cornerback tandem you've seen?

A: This year, so far? This year, yeah.

Q: What makes them difficult as a group – the two of them?

A: Two veteran corners. They're smart. They both (have) played football for a long time. They understand their games individually. They're kind of different. Brad (Eagles cornerback James Bradberry) is a bit of a bigger, heavier guy, physical. Slay (Eagles cornerback Darius Slay) is a little lighter, but he's got great hips (and) good speed. I think they've played well this year.

Q: Have you been in touch with Bradberry at all?

A: No, I haven't spoken to him probably (in) a couple of months – probably a month or two.

Q: You know, he's not the biggest emotional rollercoaster guy. What do you think he's thinking?

A: I don't know. He's probably like it's just another day. That's just kind of his personality. He's very even keeled.

Q: (Eagles head coach Nick) Sirianni was talking about him and said, 'He (Nick Sirianni) probably had more emotion heading into the game against the Colts than Brad has coming against you guys.' He just said he's down-to-earth, very straight forward. Do you recall him that way?

A: Yeah, I would expect him to be that way. He's not really much of a 'get ramped up' kind of guy. But he's always ready to play and does a good job.

Q: Does it feel different preparing for a team that's 11-1?

A: No, not really. Every team, regardless of their record, has strengths (and) has weaknesses. Obviously, we're going to try to exploit the weaknesses and stay away from the strengths.

Q: Is it harder to find the weaknesses in a team that's 11-1?

A: Not per say because, like I said, there've been times where they've been in close games, and they've been able to make a play to win the game – or two. That doesn't mean the other team had them on the ropes. Or maybe they were able to exploit something, just not get the win. It's pretty the same.

Q: Is there a lot of animosity in this rivalry – Eagles, Giants?

A: I would say so. I don't think Eagles fans and Giants fans are going to be going to dinner together (laughs).

Q: I mean the players. If you're playing them versus (another opponent).

A: Oh, yeah – especially being drafted here. I think you learn pretty quick in the division, them, the Commanders and the Cowboys are all archenemies.

Q: Do you recall your first drive into the Linc (Lincoln Financial Field)?

A: I do not.

Q: Because I remember a lot of guys talking about being pelted with eggs and whatever.

A: Surprisingly, we haven't had any of that yet. So, hopefully we still don't (laughs).
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