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Monday Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/12/2022 4:51 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Q: You just got out of the meetings, I'm sure you looked at tape. The Eagles ran for almost 200 yards in the second half. As a guy who takes pride in stopping the run, what is the main reason you looked at and said this can't happen again?

A: It can't happen because you'll lose. We all have to execute our job. We all have to be aware of – play good technique, what plays are coming and how to defend those plays.

Q: Did going up against (Philadelphia center Jason) Kelce, who you've seen before – he's pretty much thought of as the best guy in the league, leader player and everything – what is that like going against him?

A: It's good. He challenges you in different ways. He's a smart guy, knows how to use his leverage. Like you said, he's one of the best, and it's always fun to go against one of the best.

Q: How do you think you made out yesterday against him?

A: I could have played better, we lost.

Q: For all practical purposes, it'll still be determined whether you make the playoffs – is this a playoff game?

A: Yeah. Around this time in December all games get critical. It's another division game that's a must-win because it's the next one, and you want to go 1-0. This game is a playoff game, and the next game will be one. It's just all talking it step by step.

Q: I was looking at it like – the guys who are surrounding you in that race for the Wild Card, Detroit and Seattle, they have tiebreaker edges over you and really the only one you can get a tiebreaker edge over is Washington.

A: I pay attention to who we play, and not really if his happens, then this happens. I just pay attention to who we play.

Q: Given the importance of this game, are the leaders – you have 10 captains - doing anything different this week? Is there any meeting that you think needs to happen? What do the leaders, what are they responsible for going to a game this important?

A: Just continue to challenge the guys around us and ourselves. Challenge each other. Challenge guys to watch a little bit more, study their matchups a little bit more. It's just doing what we already do, just a little bit more type of thing. That's how you see it change in your play, your confidence and your belief.

Q: Do you feel like the Commanders have any kind of advantage by having a bye and they get a whole week to think about nothing but you while you guys are?

A: Other than that, and getting their bodies back ready, that might be the slight advantage. At the end of the day, we played them two weeks ago – we know that they are going to do, they know what we're going to do so it's about winning your matchup and playing dominant football.

Q: What's he excitement about playing on a Sunday night? That is now considered the premier game of the week, everybody is watching, and no other games are going on.

A: It'll be fun. Like you said, we're going to be the only team playing. Let's play well, and let's keep trying to prove ourselves who we are.

Q: Given that it was less than two weeks ago, what do you take form that game? I'm guessing you still have to watch tape again and everything else. Does it feel like the game just happened against Washington and now you see them again?

A: Not really. In the schedule it does, but playing last game, it doesn't. Honestly, we just have to see the plays that they had success with and learn how to defend them better. Like I said, they know what we're going to do, and we know what they are going to do. It's about the players going out and making plays and playing great football.

Q: Does this feel like the biggest game of your season?

A: Yeah, because it's the next game. That's honestly how I take every game. I don't try to apply a lot of pressure to anybody. It's about doing what you do in other weeks just a little bit more. Knowing that this is a playoff-potential game. Just feeling that, taking it and understanding what you have to do to play better.

Q: In past years by this point, you guys were certainly still playing games but not games of consequence. Is it kind of cool to know what's on the line Sunday night?

A: I think it is. It'll tell you something about yourself as person and as a team, how you accept the challenge. I think we'll all be ready; we all prepare well and regardless; we'll go out there on Sunday night and play some football.

Q: You said you don't try to put too much on the game that's in front of you because you don't want to put too much pressure. Is there a time and a place where that pressure can be a good thing? That leaning into that emotional component, the idea of how much this game could actually mean to this team could kind of galvanize a lot?

A: When I say too much pressure, it's more of saying don't get too hyped, don't get too overly emotional about it. Thinking it's going to kill you. That you have to be perfect, you don't have to be perfect. You just have to play with better technique. You're going to lose some reps, they're going to win some reps, but it's all about not letting that linger and just keep playing. That's what I mean by too much pressure. Obviously, you're going to feel a little pressure here and there, it's just about playing the game but don't let it linger. Just keep moving forward and keep playing.

Q: Are there ways as a locker room, and like you said there are 53 guys who all approach things a lot differently, you all have different approaches to what you get going. Collectively, can the emotion of the game, have you seen that can actually get guys up and rise to the occasion?

A: If it's channeled the right way. I think that's what I have to say about that. If you challenge your emotions the right way, it'll lead to good things.
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