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Transcript: Outside Linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/21/2022 3:58 pm
Outside Linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux

Q: Now that you're not playing in primetime are you just going to take it easy?

A: No, definitely not. I feel like that was a building moment for me and I had a great game, but I feel like it's not real until you do it again. We're getting close to the end of the season, and I've just got to keep stacking them and carry this momentum into the playoffs.

Q: Did you feel as good as you've felt all year? It just seems like you dominated.

A: No, I definitely didn't feel good. I don't think anyone feels good this time of year, but it definitely is that mindset and mental toughness that carried me through that game.

Q: Have you been more tired after a game?

A: Yeah, I think the recovery process has gotten longer. Now you have to hone in. After 17 weeks it's not just like you've emptied the tank and it just refills and your body recovers every game. Now you've got to continue to do those things that are going to keep you healthy and keep you available.

Q: You obviously made a lot of big plays that game but really the whole defensive front, the four of you, each of you made a significant play at one point or another. How important is that to get all of you kind of moving in that same direction?

A: I would say the only reason I was able to have a game like I had is because of the rest of the front. If you noticed, once we all came together and we all start playing great then we started to see that production and we started making plays. I think the credits to all of us and we've just got to continue to stay healthy, continue to get better, and continue to get more cohesive as rushers.

Q: That's obviously a key for every game but this game in particular with their receivers how important is it for the four of you to make sure that (quarterback Kirk) Cousins doesn't have time to hit those guys?

A: They have one of the best wide receivers in the league right now. We've talked about it as a unit – the only way we're going to be able to stop him, not the only way, but one of the ways that we can affect playing against the best wide receiver in the league is affecting the quarterback.

Q: Do you look at a game like that and you say you want to put it past you, as a rookie do you look at that game and say that's there but there's a great challenge next week? You're like on everyone's radar now. Now it's like okay, do it again.

A: It definitely does give me a few stripes. I can look myself in the mirror and know that I came here to play, and I came here for a purpose. Just not trying to let it get too ahead of me, not trying to live in the moment, not trying to get too high on myself but just continue to realize that the steps I took all week, and all year is what got me there. So, I've just got to hone in on that and that's going to keep them coming.

Q: Do you like that award? Do you like that Defensive Player of the Week?

A: You love recognition. When you're doing the dirty work and you're working hard, you sacrifice your body to glorify your soul. It definitely does feel good.

Q: Do you expect more chipping now that you've had a game like this?

A: I wish you didn't even ask me that on camera, because hopefully they keep giving me the one-on-one's, we keep giving these different looks, so it gives me some opportunities to make plays.

Q: Should I also bring up when you bit on the RPO and the quarterback went around you too?

A: Hey, that's football, that's the name of the game. I think it's a quote to the great (former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch) Beast Mode he said, 'I'm a get got, as long as I get mine more than I get got, I'm going to be good.'
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 12/21/2022 6:38 pm : link
Q: Now that you're not playing in primetime are you just going to take it easy?

Tell me that was asked in jest...
He seams to have a good head on his shoulders  
kelly : 12/21/2022 7:33 pm : link
Glad we picked him
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