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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/24/2022 7:00 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: How would you describe the emotions of that game?

A: Yeah, I mean, it was a lot of back and forth. I thought we executed well at times and moved the ball well and then stalled out a couple key situations that can't afford to have happen going forward, and then obviously the kick at the end was tough. But credit to them; they played well. Big-time play at the end.

Q: Can you talk about the interception?

A: Just a bad throw. Just threw it behind him, got to give a better ball there.

Q: The two-point conversion, could you go over what happened, what you saw?

A: Yeah, just a play designed to get out of the pocket and get everything flowing, a lot of options, a lot of guys out on the route, and (Daniel) Bellinger did a good job finding space at the back of the end zone and made a nice catch on it. Just kind of played overload on one side of the field, tried to find someone.

Q: The Seahawks and Lions both lost. If you had won today you'd be in the playoffs. What are your thoughts or emotions about that?

A: Yeah, we're disappointed we lost for sure. I think in terms of the playoffs and how that positions us, I think our focus was on today and winning the game today. The fact that we didn't do that is certainly disappointing, and we'll regroup, see what we can do better and look forward to playing better next week.

Q: Did you have any awareness about those games at all?

A: No, no.

Q: How much was that brought up afterwards, that it was a missed opportunity to make the playoffs, or was it?

A: It wasn't really something we talked about. I think, like I said, our focus was on this week and winning this game this week, and we didn't do that. As far as how that affects our playoff picture or how that looks, that's not something we were focused on. We wanted to win the game because that's always our goal.

Q: Are there any lessons to take from this game in terms of playing really well and then maybe three, four plays that kind of cost you?

A: Yeah, I mean, I think in games like this against a good team, those three, four plays, you've got to make them. You've got to be able to make the big play at the critical point in the game, and we didn't do that today. We did do a lot of things well. We moved the ball well. We did make some plays. But not enough, and against a good team like that, you've got to make those few plays. We'll look at it, see what we can do better and look forward to making them in the future.

Q: Were you thinking that the game plan would allow for you to put up the numbers that you did, 300 whatever yards?

A: I think we had a good plan going in and some things to attack what they were doing, and I thought guys stepped up and did make some plays for us. Offensive line played great. Saquon (Barkley) played great. Receivers made some big plays, too.

Q: You've had good ball security over the last couple games. After you throw that interception how do you approach the next offensive drive?

A: Yeah, I think you want to understand what happened and communicate and make sure it doesn't happen again, but can't let it affect what we're doing going forward. Can't let it affect your mindset and approach, so just try to stay aggressive and keep taking opportunities when they're there.

Q: Where were you last night when the shooting occurred?

A: I was in the dining room at the hotel, and so we were locked down there. But yeah.

Q: What goes through your mind at that point when you know there are some guys that are in the mall at that moment?

A: Yeah, I mean, it was a scary situation. Obviously that's what you're concerned about is the guys who were in the mall. Yeah, sad situation, so thoughts to the family of the guy who lost his life, and glad everyone on our team was okay, but certainly kind of a scary situation.

Q: Did you have any trouble sleeping after that? It's an adrenaline thing, obviously.

A: I didn't personally, but yeah, scary situation.

Q: How have you gotten into such a chemistry with Isaiah Hodgins?

A: Yeah, I think he does a really good job. He's where you expect him to be, and he does a good job getting open and making plays. A lot of credit to him. He's a smart player. He's a dependable guy. He's done a good job for us.

Q: How anxious were you to get into overtime after that drive? Did you think you could carry that over into OT?

A: Yeah, I thought we were playing well, and yeah, an opportunity to play overtime I thought was a good one for us. Yeah, credit to them. Great kick, great play there at the end to get into field goal range, and yeah, a lot of credit to them.

Q: You would now have a chance to win next week at home and clinch that playoff spot. How big does that game become and how big of an opportunity is it for the home fans?

A: Yeah, it's a huge opportunity for us. We're looking forward to it, and we'll do everything we can to prepare as well as we can this week and get ready for a good opponent on Sunday. Take it day by day, do everything we can, get the most out of each day so that we are as prepared as we can be, and then cut loose Sunday. We're excited for the opportunity.
The beats  
Dave on the UWS : 12/24/2022 8:01 pm : link
are just pathetic. They are just itching to revive the TO theme regarding Jones. He has to be perfect forever, or they will harp on it. Just pathetic. They don't ask questions. They have a predetermined agenda that they want validated. I could get a chimpanzee to do the level of job, these bozos do.
Any QB who throws 42 times will likely get an INT  
PatersonPlank : 12/24/2022 8:03 pm : link
it just goes with the territory
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