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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/1/2023 6:55 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: Congratulations on the win today and making the playoffs. Can you talk about the feeling when you realized you put the game away on the sideline? What did that feel like for you guys?

A: That was a special moment. A lot of guys who put in a lot of work. We've been through, certainly, some tougher times and it feels good to be on this side of it, for sure. Special moment with those guys. Really proud of this team, proud of what we did today. Grateful to be a part of it.

Q: Is this sort of a relieving feeling? You've been here for four years and now finally going to the postseason. Is this a relief?

A: Yeah, I mean it's just exciting. I think, like I said, we've been through some tough times and to be on this side of it is a lot of fun. A lot of hard work has gone into it from a lot of different people and like I said, I'm grateful for my teammates, grateful for this organization and looking forward to a lot of work ahead.

Q: Did you know ahead of time that you would come out after that point, after that first down?

A: No, I didn't know. I didn't know.

Q: So they sent you back out there for that drive and then two plays later, (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor) comes in and that was the first you learned of it?

A: Yeah, I mean I think they said it might come in this drive – we might take you out but I wasn't sure what the situation was or how that was going to work out.

Q: What was your reaction to the reaction that you got when you came off the field?

A: I'm really appreciative, grateful. Our fans have been tremendous all year. They supported us today, they came out and brought a lot of energy. The whole game, we felt it and fed off it the whole game. Grateful, really appreciative of their support for me personally and for our team.

Q: You had 91 yards rushing today. Can you just share a little bit about your evolution from when you started in the league in running, when to slide, when to go head on to what you saw today? You took a couple of shots there on the touchdowns you had.

A: I think I've learned in those situations and continue to learn, continue to study where I can get down, where I can protect myself better in some of those situations. If there's ever a chance to score or get in the endzone, obviously you're going to try to do that. I've learned a lot. Today, we were running the ball well early on and that opened up some things off of it. The guys up front did a great job all day controlling the line of scrimmage and opening up some holes for (running back) Saquon (Barkley) and for me.

Q: Not many people have their names chanted in this building. Do you feel like today represented a personal breakthrough for you beyond just making the playoffs?

A: I don't know. Like I said, I'm really appreciative and grateful for the support of the fans. It's a team thing and this was a complete team win today. All three phases played really well. On offense, we executed, did our jobs. Like I said, the guys up front played really well. Just proud of this team, proud of this team to come out in a game like this – an opportunity to clinch the playoffs. We put together a good game, played really well. Just proud to be part of it.

Q: What has (head coach) Brian Daboll meant for you and for your career?

A: He's meant a lot. He's meant a lot. I've learned a lot from him. A lot of football. I've grown a lot as a player. I appreciate his support and giving me the chance to go out there and play. He's helped me a lot, he's helped all of us a lot. Definitely grateful for him.

Q: What makes him so easy to play for, for you?

A: His passion for the game. His competitive spirit. All that you respect about him and it makes you want to play for a guy like that. We appreciate him, he's helped us all a lot.

Q: Did you think about giving him a Gatorade bath yourself?

A: I let some of the other guys handle it. Certainly grateful, very appreciative of him.

Q: It seemed like (outside linebacker) Jihad (Ward) was a little excited in the locker room after the game.

A: Yeah, he certainly was. He brings the energy, brings the juice every day. He's a great teammate, great player.

Q: You're very supportive of your teammates. (Wide receiver) Richie James – seven targets, seven catches today. When you think about where Richie started in the beginning of the year to where he is right now, the ups and downs, can you comment on the bond that you two have connected with?

A: Yeah, I think he deserves a lot of credit. He's played great all year. Early on and really, I think he's been consistent throughout the whole year. Stepped up and made a ton of plays for us. He's a really good football player, knows where to be, knows how to get open, knows feel for spaces and uncovering in zones and can beat man-to-man coverage. He's played great for us. His work ethic, his demeanor every day – if you'd see that, you wouldn't be surprised by it. He's a really good football player.

Q: For you personally, will you savor this one a little bit more? Being drafted as high as you were and some of the early struggles, will you allow yourself to enjoy this one?

A: Yeah, I will. Like I said – we'll enjoy it, we'll celebrate it, but I think we all understand there's a lot of work to do ahead of us. There's a lot still out there for us, a lot we can work on and work to improve on. We'll enjoy it. It's hard to win in this league as we've learned and it's hard to make the playoffs. We'll enjoy it but there's a lot still out there for us.

Q: Has something changed in the last two weeks that have allowed your numbers to sort of spike from where they were?

A: Yeah, I don't know if anything's changed. I think it's just the way the games have worked out and guys have stepped up and made a lot of plays. We'll continue to take what the defense is giving us and just execute as well as we can.

Q: Can you talk about where the thought came to give the guys Monday? Coach Daboll talked about typically you would have Tuesday off but you gave them Monday and Tuesday off. He said you didn't consult with him.

A: I don't know. That was a group decision I think.

Q: You've walked off the field at times and heard the crowd not be so kind. What was it like when you get the curtain call and you walk off the field and it's the chants of Daniel?

A: It beats the alternative, for sure. Really appreciative of the fans and their support of us. It was a big team game. I thought we executed as well as we have all year. Certainly some things we can improve on but I thought every guy did their job and played really good football in a big game for us. Proud to be a part of that.

Q: The same player who committed a personal foul on you hit you on that touchdown run right after that. Do you feel like it's part of your responsibility as a quarterback to be willing to sacrifice your body on runs like that? Is that part of your commitment to the team?

A: Yeah, I think whenever you have a situation or an opportunity to score a touchdown – you're going to do that regardless of if you're going to get hit or not. I'll continue to look and see where I can protect myself and be smart in those situations but when I have an opportunity to score, I'm definitely going to try to do that.
Interesting - he's learning how to protect himself but  
Del Shofner : 1/1/2023 7:01 pm : link
when you're going for a TD, you're going for a TD.

A lot of team-first platitudes but in his case I wouldn't be surprised if they're how he looks at it. Also gives a lot of credit to the OL.
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