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Post-Game Transcript: Linebacker Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/1/2023 6:58 pm
Linebacker Landon Collins

Q: Landon, eight years in league and this was certainly an emotional year for you. Coming back to this team in October and now to make the playoffs. What's running through your head these days?

A: This is a great opportunity. Glad to be back like I said before. Just a blessing just to be back in the locker room with these guys, having fun and playing ball. That's the biggest thing. Making (sure) we have the opportunity and now we have the opportunity to continue to clinch the playoffs, we clinched the playoffs and now do our thing.

Q: This was the second pick-six of your career. Now, the significance of it though, in a playoff clincher has to mean a whole lot more, doesn't it?

A: No (laughs). Honestly, it's just more of the fact that like, making a play for our team and just making sure we're set. That was the biggest thing and just making sure for the next play. Just turn the page, and even though I made a pick, now let's just finish it because that team can still come back if anything happens. So, at the end of the day, I just finished this, made a play, on to the next thing now.

Q: You made the playoffs with the Giants in 2016, what is it about this team that allowed them to make the playoffs besides the talent around them?

A: Oh man, the togetherness, how steadfast this team is, how family oriented this team is, and how everybody stays accountable, and we keep each other accountable. Everybody stays on other each just about any old thing because that's how this thing goes.

Q: What will you tell your teammates who have not made the playoffs about what the post-season is like and how to deal with it?

A: Really just, not next week but the sense of urgency is through the roof. Every little detail, every little fine thing that we need to be perfect on, we have to be perfect on.

Q: Can you just take us through that pick? What you saw on the play and how you came up with the catch?

A: Formation wise, like I said I'm a big formation kind of guy. I watched this play almost six times throughout the week and I saw it number one (wide receiver Parris Campbell) breaking out and I had the flat, I just broke my underneath it and took it to the house.

Q: What is it about this group that allows everyone to accept their role? Even if it's not a big role, it's a small role that will step in. Maybe just playing third downs, playing 40 percent of the snaps but play a big role and everyone's willing to accept that for the betterment of the team.

A: It's just being humble. Everybody in this locker room is very humble. We know that we've got guys to go make plays. When your name is called, just do what you need to do to make that play for that team, for that down, for any situation that you're called upon.
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