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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/8/2023 10:11 pm
Quarterback Davis Webb

On his first career start today:

Davis Webb: "Very exciting. I want to thank all of the o-linemen and [Giants WR] Marcus [Johnson], [Giants WR Kenny Golladay], [Giants TE Lawrence] Cager, [Giants RB] Gary [Brightwell], [Giants RB] Matt [Breida]. It was a lot of fun playing with those guys. [Giants WR] Darius [Slayton] came in a couple of plays. I appreciate that. We battled and [the Eagles] are a really good team. They're the number one seed in the NFC. We took them four quarters. I wish myself, first, and the offense, second, got off to a better start. But, that second half was really fun and that's something I'll never forget."

On the collision he had on his touchdown run:

Davis Webb: "Spot on. I slid on the first draw, and they kind of collapsed on me pretty quick. We called something similar, I think it was 3rd-and-eight, or something like that. There were some predetermined decisions there. You've got to get in or get it close. So, when it was that opportunity, I was just anticipating and executed."

On what it was like when he learned he would be starting today's game:

Davis Webb: "Very thankful for that opportunity to [Giants GM] Joe Schoen and [Giants head coach Brian Daboll]. I thank [Giants QB] Tyrod [Taylor] and [Giants QB] Daniel [Jones], I'm thankful for them, too. They supported me all week. They helped a lot on the sideline with [Giants quarterbacks coach] Shea [Tierney] and [Giants offensive coordinator] Mike [Kafka]. It was a battle. [The Eagles] are a really good team, but I didn't play good enough for us to win early in the game."

On his touchdown pass to Giants WR Kenny Golladay:

Davis Webb: "I told him on Tuesday or Wednesday, I said, 'I promise, if it's one-on-one, you're going to get a shot. And you're going to catch it. And you're going to do it.' He did it over a former teammate in Detroit. It was a great opportunity for him, and he executed it. He played hard. We only played with two receivers most of the game, so they battled their butts off. Hopefully they get some Pedialytes on the bus ride home."

On how the team's gameplan had to change:

Davis Webb: "Coming out we thought the gameplan had to change from the first half to the second half. They did a good job taking away some of the things we tried to get going. Once we settled down and got through some other things such as me finding completions and running the ball with some zone schemes outside and I think we were able to get some momentum and get them on their heels for the first time in a while. We made them play four quarters and it came down to an onside kick."

On talking to Giants WR Kenny Golladay after his touchdown:

Davis Webb: "I kind of blacked out to be honest. In the end zone I remember Kenny was so fired up and he deserved it. He's come to work every single day and continues to get better. He had an opportunity and he executed it well and I'm very happy I got him the ball earlier."

On Bills S Damar Hamlin:

Davis Webb: "My mind during the game was on other things, but Damar was on my mind everyday this week. Myself, my girlfriend, my parents—everybody was praying for not only Damar but that entire organization. Everybody had to watch that and go through a brother going through something very traumatic. My heart is with the whole city they've been through a lot. I'm glad they got a win and I know Damar was happy watching them."

On making the playoffs:

Davis Webb: "It's pretty cool. I think my favorite part of the game was [Giants QB] Daniel [Jones], [Giants QB] Tyrod [Taylor], [Giants RB] Saquon [Barkley], [Giants WR] [Sterling] Shepherd, [Giants C] Jon Feliciano, [Giants S] Julian Love, [Giants CB] Adoree' Jackson and I'm probably missing names but they were into the game and they were celebrating with their teammates and after that first rushing touchdown the sideline felt a momentum switch and I just wish we got that a little earlier."
can't not like the guy -  
Del Shofner : 1/8/2023 10:13 pm : link
he punched his NFL stats ticket today. Long time coming
He got a twofer  
MeanBunny : 1/8/2023 10:24 pm : link
With the help of some unlikely candidates. As they say in baseball, he went to "the show". I wonder if he would have been a decent starter at some other org at another time
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