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Honest answer, what were you thinking on 4th-and-1?

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/15/2023 9:38 pm
with 3:28 left in the game and at our own 45 yard line?
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If we punt, they are going to score  
Tim in Eternal Blue : 1/15/2023 9:40 pm : link
Go for it and end the game  
scrimmage : 1/15/2023 9:40 pm : link
RE: If we punt, they are going to score  
Anakim : 1/15/2023 9:40 pm : link
In comment 15995870 Tim in Eternal Blue said:

Same. Go for it.
I wanted them to go for it  
BestFeature : 1/15/2023 9:40 pm : link
I think if we were up by only 3 I might have felt differently because they're be only 10 yards from FG range.
I was thinking it was a fuckin bad spot  
robbieballs2003 : 1/15/2023 9:40 pm : link
but we would have lost the challenge if we did. It was 100% to go for it.
I was all in and hoping they went for it.  
Giantimistic : 1/15/2023 9:41 pm : link
Our earlier sneak went well. Jones is a good runner and big. If we do t get it, we are still up 7 and if the Vikings score on a short field we get the ball back with time.

A punt may have only netted 30 yards and Vikings can move the ball in chunks quickly.
I was thinking that my if team were on defense  
jhibb : 1/15/2023 9:41 pm : link
I'd want the offense to punt.
So I was happy with the decision.
A legit feeling of  
RicFlair : 1/15/2023 9:41 pm : link
I don’t know what the right call is, so I just went for the ride.
Good call  
cosmicj : 1/15/2023 9:41 pm : link
Very high % play at that very short distance to the first down.

The Giants had a 7-pt lead and 3 timeouts.

Daboll stayed rational in a high pressure moment. Like his team, he didn’t blink.
Got to get the 1st way defense would stop Min.  
Tom in NY : 1/15/2023 9:41 pm : link
Glad I wound up being wrong about the 2nd half of that thought, but very happy BD went for that 1st down.
RE: Go for it and end the game  
jvm52106 : 1/15/2023 9:42 pm : link
In comment 15995871 scrimmage said:

Exactly.. I was all for it..
Didn’t feel there was as much of a question there  
Chris684 : 1/15/2023 9:42 pm : link
Thought it was a no brainer you go for it. At that point you’re defending against the touchdown regardless of whether they started from that spot or you punt and they’re a little further.
jtfuoco : 1/15/2023 9:42 pm : link
Was going for it because I had no faith in the defense getting a stop in the game at that point. And min would score fast enough to leave the giants enough time for a final drive
Go for it  
prh : 1/15/2023 9:42 pm : link
I'm normally pretty conservative in that situation. But the D hadn't showed that they could stop them up to that point. Good gutsy call.
RE: RE: If we punt, they are going to score  
Del Shofner : 1/15/2023 9:43 pm : link
In comment 15995872 Anakim said:
In comment 15995870 Tim in Eternal Blue said:



Same. Go for it.

Loved going for the jugular  
mfsd : 1/15/2023 9:43 pm : link
ballsy call
Costy16 : 1/15/2023 9:43 pm : link
Up the middle.
RE: If we punt, they are going to score  
Spider56 : 1/15/2023 9:43 pm : link
In comment 15995870 Tim in Eternal Blue said:

True ... but if we don’t make the first down, they score quicker, leaving more time for Gano to kick a game winner and return the favor.
Had to go for it  
jmdvm : 1/15/2023 9:44 pm : link
If they couldn't QB sneak it for the first down, they don't deserve to win
We had just stopped them the previous possession  
widmerseyebrow : 1/15/2023 9:44 pm : link
So I was a little iffy about going for it on our own 45. That's why I'm watching at home I guess.
Go for it  
Rudy5757 : 1/15/2023 9:44 pm : link
Play to win and put the game away
they should just put Dex in the backfield ala the frig  
gtt350 : 1/15/2023 9:44 pm : link
Lift DJ up and push forward
They weren't close to stopping Jones  
section125 : 1/15/2023 9:45 pm : link
near the goal line earlier. The line was playing well and I thought Feliciano was a beast today. I was for going for it and I was 100% certain it was a keeper and 100% certain that he would make it.
I actually turned to the kids and said : " you're the coach  
Stu11 : 1/15/2023 9:45 pm : link
Go for it or no?" They were mixed. Daughter said punt, son said go. I was the tiebreaker said go for it! You want to win playoff games you show balls. Thought the O had to win it.
No brainer go for it.  
BH28 : 1/15/2023 9:46 pm : link
Even if you don't convert, with the short field it would give the Giants the ball back with plenty of time for GW FG drive. No way the Vikings would have went for two if they had opportunity to score a TD in that scenario.
RE: RE: If we punt, they are going to score  
Hit4dough : 1/15/2023 9:46 pm : link
In comment 15995896 Spider56 said:
In comment 15995870 Tim in Eternal Blue said:



True ... but if we don’t make the first down, they score quicker, leaving more time for Gano to kick a game winner and return the favor.

My logic exactly
Wanted to end the game on offense.  
mattlawson : 1/15/2023 9:47 pm : link
Never giving it back to them. It almost happened
Punt the ball  
Matt123 : 1/15/2023 9:47 pm : link
Don't give them a short field. That said, I grew up with a conservative football mentality, and the game has changed...I trust Dabs to make these calls.

I was all in on going for it  
Mellowmood92 : 1/15/2023 9:48 pm : link
Thought it was the right call regardless of outcome
No brainer  
family progtitioner : 1/15/2023 9:48 pm : link
And Vannett  
Mike in Boston : 1/15/2023 9:49 pm : link
made what might have been his biggest play as a Giant pushing Jones forward.
Gotta go for it!  
Joe Beckwith : 1/15/2023 9:49 pm : link
Our D wasn’t stopping a watch even if they stepped on it 50 times!
An 80 yard drive or a 45 yard drive made no difference…plus…if they couldn’t make 1, they didnt deserve the W anyway.
I wanted to punt  
Aaroninma : 1/15/2023 9:49 pm : link
But my dad, who is the smartest Football person I know, said go. You win the game. He, as usual, was right!
Reminded Me of the Tennessee Game  
Samiam : 1/15/2023 9:49 pm : link
Going for 2 to win the game.
No hesitation go for it  
AcesUp : 1/15/2023 9:50 pm : link
Not a retroactive after the fact thing either, easy decision especially factoring in game flow.
I am Ninja : 1/15/2023 9:50 pm : link
"Glad Im not the one thats gotta have the balls to go for this"
go for it  
Producer : 1/15/2023 9:51 pm : link
no question
christian : 1/15/2023 9:52 pm : link
I thought he would punt.
I kept thinking  
Des51 : 1/15/2023 9:53 pm : link
back to the 1st game of the season against the Titans, when Daboll went for two. I kept thinking stay agressive.
the way the NFL is played today...  
BillKo : 1/15/2023 9:54 pm : link go for it there.

As far back as 10 years ago - you're punting.

The game is totally different today.
I missed the entire 4th qrtr.  
bradshaw44 : 1/15/2023 9:56 pm : link
My 4 year old wanted me to play with him so I walked away and played with him. Figured the football gods would appreciate me doing the right thing and not turning my back on my son. In my 30s I probably don’t do that. But this is my little man. I was happy to do it and was rewarded handsomely with this win.
He’s got this.  
bluefin : 1/15/2023 9:56 pm : link
Go for it  
nygiants16 : 1/15/2023 9:56 pm : link
you are up 7, yes you are giving them field position if you dont get it but they still habe to put it in the endzone..

If they were up 3 or less or tied, punt the ball
With the rules that allow for pushing the QB on a sneak  
BlackLight : 1/15/2023 9:57 pm : link
it's somewhat difficult to justify punting.
A season and team-defining moment and the right call  
Y.A. : 1/15/2023 9:58 pm : link
We go for it and make it and win the way we got here. If we don’t make it (and they score) it has been a great year.
Loved it! Played to win!  
GiantBlue : 1/15/2023 9:58 pm : link
Balls of steel! Love this team!
I really was back and forth  
Matt M. : 1/15/2023 9:59 pm : link
But, felt like we really had to take that shot.
Go for it  
Scuzzlebutt : 1/15/2023 10:00 pm : link
Didn’t want them getting the ball again - regardless of where on the field.
Honest answer: I was thinking  
pjcas18 : 1/15/2023 10:00 pm : link
a lot of coaches punt that ball.

I was thinking I would not and I'm glad the Giants have a coach who did not because that's a call that gets second guessed if you lose and so many coaches would have managed that to the "safe" play.
I was hoping they’d go for it  
speedywheels : 1/15/2023 10:01 pm : link
He aggressive and win the game
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