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Transcript: Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/18/2023 6:44 pm
Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Q: How do you explain your first week back after seven weeks off, you're able to slow down one of the best wide receivers in the game?

A: Just thankful for the journey and the road to be able to come back and to play, and just be with the guys. I just think it was just that moment when you're out on the field you cherish it, a lot of people say you don't know when your last snap may be, I didn't know that my last snap was going to be right before Thanksgiving. To go through that process and then to finally be out there with everybody being in an atmosphere with them, it's different than just seeing it and watching them play. To be a collective as a team and be with your brothers, it's just a special feeling.

Q: Is there anything you can take from the (Vikings wide receiver) Justin Jefferson matchup to the potential (Eagles wide receiver) A.J. Brown one or are they just two totally different receivers?

A: I think just trying to keep stacking days, coming into work every day. Just trying to put your best foot forward and try to just win the day. I think that's the only thing you can do, you can't really focus on the past and what you did, it's about what you're trying to do and for us it's just get better every day and try to go win it all.

Q: What makes A.J. so good?

A: He is just a dog. I don't know any other way to explain it. A guy that gets after, attacks the ball, can run every route in the playbook; catch you with a screen go 80, a slant go 80 or hit you with a deep ball and go 80. A complete receiver, can block, can do all the things that you would want. That's truly a great player.

Q: During those seven weeks off, what was the validation for you to know that you were back? Was it on Sunday having good plays or was it sometime before than to really feel it? Sometimes seeing is believing.

A: It's really throughout practice, just preparing and just getting different reminders from different people. You're putting the work in then you hear little things, or it can be from your parents, or anybody may say something that gives your mind like, 'okay, you really are built for this, or you really did put in the work.' Sometimes you can say it, but sometimes hearing a little bit more reassurance is always clutch. I think throughout the week, just having the guys around me I think that helps a lot. It's cool if somebody else says it but to have your brothers, the guys that you put in that hard work with, not just from camp but in OTA's and just being around each other to make sure and to know that they have your back and they can trust and believe in you, that gives you all the reassurance you need right there.

Q: You were in Tennessee for A.J.'s first two years. What was he like as a rookie and did you guys go against each other a lot in practice? What were those matchup's like?

A: I think as a rookie he is what he is now. I think he always possessed that mentality to attack, to be different in this league and you can see that every week. I think he goes out and goes and sets that out every week. I feel like he's been doing that since his rookie year. That's a credit to him and his mentality to go out there and try to prove that he's the best regardless of situations. I know we go from a team that really doesn't throw the ball, to now he's getting like 1,000 yards every year. He's been very impactful and just proving that he's dominant in this league.

Q: I know you haven't been here very long, but what are your thoughts about Eagles fans and also what kind of atmosphere are you expecting on Saturday?

A: I'm expecting a great environment. Obviously going down there, it's a division opponent but it's a playoff game so I expect them to be fired up and rowdy like I'd expect any team at home to be. Even when we were in Minnesota, they were out there turnt. You know the white-out game we had before Christmas was loud, but this game was different. Even when we were there two weeks ago, when we went down there it was loud then, but I expect it to be louder. Just expecting a great environment, something that you dream of playing in and having that moment.

Q: Do you prefer hearing the roar of the crowd when you make a big play, or do you like the silence when you make a big play?

A: I think they both go hand in hand, it just depends. When you do it at the crib it's something that you live for, the crowd cheering for you, but you can silence the crowd as well. I think that's the cool thing about playing defense because you get a little bit of bang for your buck. You can either silence them or you can turn up the crowd at home. I think they both go hand in hand.

Q: As someone who's spent time away because your injury and now, you're back into the fold, what has allowed this defense to peak at the right time and play so well?

A: I think we just always played together regardless of me being in or being out, we've all seen that throughout all the games. We all ride for each other and play for each other and understand that it's no 'I' it's 'we' when we're out there and 11 hats to the ball flying around. So, that's credit to (defensive coordinator) Wink (Martindale) and the guys here buying in and understanding that we just want to write our own narrative, try to be special in our own eyes, and try to write our own history.
Hopefully his familiarity with AJ Brown  
WestCoastGFan : 1/18/2023 7:36 pm : link
Helps him to shut him out. His return at corner could be a huge difference.
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