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Eagles Giants predictions.

SFGFNCGiantsFan : 1/20/2023 9:59 am
Round III.

Giants 28 Eagles 24.

Saquon has 2 TDs.
Love has an INT.

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Lines of Scrimmage : 1/20/2023 10:43 am : link

Two keys are winning the turnover battle and play count. I am looking for more of a earlier season type of win with the heavy sets on O with lots of running with just enough in the pass game. Wink has all his key guys back outside one and they lead to way.

Agree have to keep it close or be ahead early.
Giants 25, Eagles 17  
Route 9 : 1/20/2023 10:43 am : link
Giants 31-29  
averagejoe : 1/20/2023 10:47 am : link
in a barn burner. DJ has a big game Hurts has two turnovers and Giants win .
We need to prove that we can beat the Eagles  
Rick in Dallas : 1/20/2023 10:49 am : link
They have controlled the LOS against us for sometime now on both sides of the ball.
It’s Time!!!!
Giants 24 Eagles 23
34-20 Eagles win  
ZogZerg : 1/20/2023 10:50 am : link
Healthy Hurts will carve up Giants D.
Momentum carries the day...  
KingBlue : 1/20/2023 10:50 am : link
Giants 23
Eagles 20
Still a great season but  
The Turk : 1/20/2023 10:53 am : link
Eagles are just better, are home, are rested, are healthy and just better, Eagles 31 Giants 20
On paper...  
Porch622 : 1/20/2023 10:53 am : link
Eagles should win by 10. This game just feels like Giants are over due for a big upset win in Philly.
sb from NYT Forum : 1/20/2023 10:56 am : link
In comment 16003202 Dr. D said:
Giants 27
Eagles 26

What do the following have in common?
ex wives

Giants 23, Eagles 20.  
x meadowlander : 1/20/2023 10:58 am : link
I smell a bunch of FG's - advantage Giants.

Giant D is outstanding in Red Zone.

Gano seals it as time expires.

Every Giant Eagle game seems to have at least 1 freak play. Blocked kick, pick 6, weird bounces, punt return for TD stuff. Banking on the universe to bestow bizarre luck and bounces on the Giants. They'll need it.
The offensive line won't hold up,  
Since1965 : 1/20/2023 11:03 am : link
so the Giants offense will struggle to put the ball in the endzone, and Jones will be under constant pressure.
Is this 1984 or 2007?  
The Mike : 1/20/2023 11:08 am : link
Do the Giants lay an egg on offense and get beaten by a top seeded 49ers team as they did in the 1984 NFL divisional round?


Does the Giants defense rise up and defeat the juggernaut offense of the top seeded Cowboys team as they did in the in the 2007 divisional round?

Both Giant teams were similar in that they were ascending and had just won a hard fought wild card game. So what was the primary difference between these two games? Coaching. In the first game, Parcells and Walsh were on exactly the same level. Both were outstanding football minds, won multiple super bowls and ultimately elected to Canton. Walsh simply had the superior talent in that game and won accordingly. On the other hand, Tom Coughlin was a far superior head coach to Wade Phillips. Coughlin had proven at Jacksonville that he could not only lead an expansion team to multiple division titles, but reached the AFC championship twice amassing a 4-4 playoff record before coming to the Giants. And of course, would go on and win two super bowls here.

Phillips was one of the best defensive coordinators in the modern super bowl era. But as a head coach, he was a post season failure, winning just 1 of 6 playoff games. Coughlin will one day be a member of Canton in part because of his ability to elevate his players to their collective ceilings. As he did in three consecutive games against the three top teams in the NFL that year, the Cowboys, Packers and Patriots. Phillips will be remembered as a middling head coach, precisely because he failed to get his players playing to their collective ceilings when it mattered most.

So for me, it really comes down to Daboll v Sirianni and it is very close. You cannot argue against what Sirianni has accomplished in Philadelphia, leading them in his first two years as a head coach to a wild card round last year and the top seed in the NFC this year, becoming arguably the best team in the NFL this year. It is indeed impressive.

In some ways, Daboll simply accomplished this year what Sirianni did last year, with almost exactly the same records (9-7-1 v 9-8). But there is one monumentally critical difference. Daboll beat the Vikings Sunday. Sirianni lost to the Bucs last year. But Sirianni didn't just lose to the Bucs. He got slaughtered. The score of the game was 31-0 entering the fourth quarter when the Eagles put up fifteen garbage time points.

And this to me is what makes the Daboll v Sirianni comparison more like the Coughlin v Phillips comparison. Yes, we must at this point take Daboll on spec because like Parcells in 1984, it is early in his head coaching tenure. And of course, Sirianni could go on to become a future Bill Walsh. But I don't think so. I think it is more likely that Sirianni is an offensive version of Wade Phillips. Daboll will have his team playing to their collective ceilings in this game. Sirianni will not.

And so, the Giants win this game 21-17 on McKinney's dramatic game sealing end zone interception of an errant Jalen Hurts pass. And then it is on to beat Mike McCarthy on the frozen tundra of Lambeau! Whoops, got caught up in the time warp there... I mean Texas Stadium to beat Mike McCarthy in the NFC championship, in what will unbelievably be for the third time in fifteen years. Soon to be known forever in posterity as the McCarthy three-peat!

Believe it and it will happen. Let's go Giants!
MojoEd : 1/20/2023 11:11 am : link
Critical, dubious calls by the refs for PHI. I could speculate a reason, but will leave it as just a hunch.
Banks : 1/20/2023 11:12 am : link
37-20 eagles. I'd love to be wrong
On paper...  
bw in dc : 1/20/2023 11:15 am : link
Philly is obviously better. But I am playing a hunch that Hurts is still rusty and tentative and gives us the ball 3X.

We get up 23-21 and Elliott bangs a 55-yard FG off the upright. And that assface Sirianni starts crying.

Final 23-21, NYG.
RE: I read somewhere that Philly was  
Costy16 : 1/20/2023 11:19 am : link
In comment 16003170 Massgman said:
very happy they drew these refs……12-1 with them. We lose 30-20

Clete Blakeman is the head official. The Eagles record in games officiated by Blakeman? 13-1.

If you're trying to find some parallels. Adrian Hill was lead official Week 16 vs MIN, was the official last week.

Blakeman was lead official Week 14 vs PHI, gets the assignment this week.
I also don't think Lane Johnson will be a liability  
GiantSteps : 1/20/2023 11:24 am : link
apparently he's doing well in practice.
31-30 Giants  
mfsd : 1/20/2023 11:30 am : link
Giants go down a couple scores early, then 2 4th quarter TD passes by Jones brings us back, we go for 2 with a few seconds left and make it to win. Book it!
Expect the Giants to play well and play fierce  
JonC : 1/20/2023 11:31 am : link
but not at Philly's talent level right now. 34-24 Eagles.
Giants are going to play great  
BigBlue7 : 1/20/2023 11:32 am : link
but Philly is going to create turnovers and hit some shot plays

Eagles 31
Giants 18
Eagles 21  
Les in TO : 1/20/2023 11:37 am : link
Giants 17.
31- 10  
TommytheElephant : 1/20/2023 11:38 am : link


Fuck them and their fans
I think it's a tight game  
Producer : 1/20/2023 12:15 pm : link
so why not go with the Giants who seal it with a long, time consuming, 4th Q drive, 24-23.
RE: 31- 10  
PatersonPlank : 1/20/2023 12:16 pm : link
In comment 16003295 TommytheElephant said:


Fuck them and their fans

I like this logic. Make perfect sense to me.
We need everything to break our way  
gary_from_chester : 1/20/2023 12:26 pm : link
to win. They’re just better than us right now.

So, everything breaks our way. We’re able to run the ball, hit on a deep shot, get some turnovers. DJ scores a TD in the last minute on a QB sneak for a 24-20 win for the ages.

Let’s go GMEN!
I think NYG gives Philly a good game, but lacks the horses to  
NBGblue : 1/20/2023 12:31 pm : link
pull the upset. Maybe Philly 27 NYG 23. Hope I'm wrong.
I have a good feeling about this one  
George : 1/20/2023 12:36 pm : link
NY 27
Phil 23

13-1 isn't accurate  
Mike in NY : 1/20/2023 12:39 pm : link
Philly lost a Blakeman game against Las Vegas last year and losses against Carolina and Dallas with him in 2018.

I don't think the Giants win, but I also think it is closer than a lot of the talking heads say.
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I was on the money last week  
Dave on the UWS : 1/20/2023 12:57 pm : link
this week: Eagles 27- Giants 21. Giants beat the spread (7.5), but the Eagles are better and deeper. The game WILL be competitive though.
41 Giants 28 Eagles  
Boatie Warrant : 1/20/2023 1:37 pm : link
Momma said there'd be days like this
There'd be days like this
my Momma said!
Hope I'm wrong  
lax counsel : 1/20/2023 1:54 pm : link
Eagles 31 Giants 14

The offense is still lacking key talent and hasn't performed well all year against solid defenses. We'll see if key Eagles are healthy. I think its competitive for a bit and Eagles pull away late third, early fourth.
The Philly OL and DL...  
Johnny5 : 1/20/2023 2:01 pm : link
... is too much for the Giants again. Giants play valiantly but ultimately fall to the Eagles 31 to 20.
Giants 38  
SomeFan : 1/20/2023 2:02 pm : link
Eagles 34

Yeah baby!
Giants 35-17  
Giant John : 1/20/2023 2:38 pm : link
Their QB gets knocked out for the season.
a 'Betting Nugget' from ESPN -  
Del Shofner : 1/20/2023 2:46 pm : link
"Betting nugget: New York is 17-5 against the spread and 14-8 outright as a playoff underdog in the Super Bowl era. That's the most wins, the best winning percentage and the best cover percentage by any team as a playoff underdog in the Super Bowl era."
RE: 27-24  
GiantGrit : 1/20/2023 3:34 pm : link
In comment 16003157 ajr2456 said:
Giants. Best kicker in Giants history for the win.

Wow, said the same thing in my Giants chat this morning. And its gonna be 45 +.
Throw it Bradberry way  
Fish : 1/20/2023 5:07 pm : link
Hodgins 108 yds and a TD, Rick James 65 and a TD.
Duggan preducted Eagles 27, Giants 23  
US1 Giants : 1/20/2023 5:15 pm : link
. - ( New Window )
Giants 22 - Eagles 19  
JoeMoney19 : 1/20/2023 5:49 pm : link
High stress, low scoring game throughout that makes the drunk Philadelphia crowd restless and uneasy. Jones and Hurts get the TDs rushing. Difference will be the Giants' special teams, including a perfect game from Gano and a late blocked FG attempt by Elliott.
I think the Eagles have just too big  
section125 : 1/20/2023 6:03 pm : link
of a talent advantage.

Eagles 34 Giants 24

I doubt the league wants an Eagles win vs a Giants win. The Giants will be a much bigger TV draw, especially with an upset win.
Hurts is a Different Player...  
Jim in Tampa : 1/20/2023 6:39 pm : link
when he can't run.

Eagles haven't been playing well lately and the Giants are on a bit of a roll.

30-24 giants  
federer70 : 1/21/2023 3:39 am : link
We get a few turnovers to help out.
Giants 26 Eagles 24  
CardinalX : 1/21/2023 7:56 am : link
Very difficult to beat a team 3 times in a year in the NFL.

Gano puts us ahead but the Giants leave time on the clock. We have to sweat it out as the Eagles look like they will drive the field.

Giants saved by a turnover near the 40 with under a minute left.

28-24 Giants  
Gmen703 : 1/21/2023 8:15 am : link
DJ Dynamite connects with Golladay on the game winning TD.

Defense holds off eagles on final drive.
27-17 Giants  
AnnapolisMike : 1/21/2023 10:56 am : link
Hurts does not play well and the Giants get a defensive score.
I just have a feeling the Eagles are walking into a trap with this Giants team.
We will not lose by 26 pts  
Grey Pilgrim : 1/21/2023 4:05 pm : link
Giants 35 Eagles 17  
DomerGiant2008 : 1/21/2023 4:08 pm : link
Close game. Giants pull away mid 4th quarter with a defensive touchdown
Giants Shock the Eagles  
gidiefor : Mod : 1/21/2023 6:48 pm : link
igotyourbackman : 1/21/2023 7:06 pm : link

Eagles 23, Giants 16  
Optimus-NY : 1/21/2023 7:55 pm : link
Giants can win this. I'm just going with the team with the better combo of OL and DL.
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