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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/22/2023 9:10 am
Quarterback Daniel Jones

On how tough it was to try and get the offense going:

Jones: "Yes, they are good. They are a good team, good defense, good front, and a good secondary. Give a lot of credit to them because they played well."

On what led to this game getting out of hand early:

Jones: "We didn't execute well enough early on. We didn't score points and the turnover was critical. We fell behind and they are a good team. We got off to a slow start and they pushed back."

On what the difference was this week with the Eagles containing his mobility and getting around compared to last week:

Jones: "I will certainly go back and look at the tape and see if there was opportunities to make more plays and where I could have done a better job. I thought they did a good job with their rush and speed. They made some good plays when I did try and get out and use my legs a little bit. They are good, but I will go back and look at it and see where I can take better advantage of those opportunities."

On what Giants HC Brian Daboll's message to the team was after the loss:

Jones: "Obviously, not the result we wanted today. We didn't play well enough today and we are certainly disappointed by that. We came a long way this year and we accomplished a lot as a team. We have a special group of guys in that locker room and that was a special thing to be a part of. Certainly not satisfied with where we are, but a lot of appreciation and respect for the guys in the locker room."

On what the future looks like and how much does he want to remain a New York Giant:

Jones: "I think we will get into that down the road. At this point, this is still very fresh. This season. This loss. It will take some time to regroup and think through that going forward."

On what the future of this team looks like after what they accomplished this year:

Jones: "I think the future of the team is bright. We have a lot of young core guys that made a lot of plays and stepped up and have been huge all year. There is certainly a bright future here."

On what he thinks he proved this year:

Jones: "I don't know what I proved. I think I improved every week. I thought I was consistent throughout the year. There are certainly things I like to have back, especially tonight. I think there are some things I'll go back and look to clean up and improve and grow as a player going forward. I thought overall, I did do that. I grew and improved throughout the year and I will continue to try and do that."

On clarifying whether his offseason goal is to stay with the New York Giants:

Jones: "Like I said, we will cross that bridge when we get there. I really enjoyed playing here. I appreciate all of those guys in the locker room. It is a special group of guys and I have really enjoyed being a part of it. We will figure out where that goes, but I have nothing but love and respect for this organization and the group of guys in the locker room."
Not giving anything away  
Dave on the UWS : 1/22/2023 9:36 am : link
as he should. You don't put your cards on the table BEFORE negotiations. He went to Duke. He's a smart guy.
I will say the standard  
jvm52106 : 1/22/2023 9:53 am : link
Comments in these settings mean very little BUT, he truly stayed away from I would love to be a Giant and in fact said I enjoyed my time here (that is past tense). Not making a definitive statement here but that wording does bear watching.

Something else to watch- if Kafka were to get the Carolina job or even Houston (no idea if he is even a candidate), I could see Jones going where he goes..

christian : 1/22/2023 9:57 am : link
The notion Jones was giving the Giants a good guy discount is the laugh of the year.
RE: …  
Sean : 1/22/2023 10:00 am : link
In comment 16007334 christian said:
The notion Jones was giving the Giants a good guy discount is the laugh of the year.

Just as the notion that Schoen will give him whatever he wants.
This is a business  
gersh : 1/22/2023 10:00 am : link
When the Giants did not pick up his 5th year option - they lid down the gauntlet. DJ proved most everyone wrong. His words and attitude make sense.

As good as he has been more recently, it is fair to consider how much of that is Daboll/Kafka and co. With the Giants spot in this years’ draft, signing him is the best option. But at what price. The Giants have their numbers, the franchise and transition tags.

DJ staying seems like the best thing for all parties, but we shall see
The notion that this coaching staff  
Blueworm : 1/22/2023 10:12 am : link
Is getting the most out of him should not be lost on him.

It was weird wording  
Rudy5757 : 1/22/2023 10:22 am : link
I’ll say that. To me it sounded as if him coming back was not a definite. Maybe the Giants made him a low ball offer and he’s not going to accept that. Maybe the Giants told him to see what his value is on the open market.

He certainly didn’t say he was coming back.

It seems like it’s going to get interesting. The last time Schoenberg gambled with a player he lost with Bradberry.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 1/22/2023 10:24 am : link
Of course he's not going to come out & declare, 'I'm staying in New York.'

His agent would have a heart attack if he said that.
Doesn’t matter what he says or what some seem to infer,  
Big Blue '56 : 1/22/2023 10:25 am : link
He’s not going anywhere, given the Tag card we can play, though hopefully we don’t need to use it
Jones is a smart kid  
PatersonPlank : 1/22/2023 10:26 am : link
He's not going to give anyone anything at this point. He was the great, dedicated teammate for 5 years. Now its his time to decide what he wants.
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