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NGT: Surprise. Pats name Bill O’Brien OC

Sean : 1/24/2023 7:47 am
Bill Belichick refuses to look beyond his circle.

Adam Schefter
Alabama OC/QB coach Bill O’Brien has returned to New England and is being named the Patriots offensive coordinator, sources tell
and me. O’Brien was a Patriots’ assistant coach from 2007-2011, and now returns to coach Mac Jones, whom he worked with at Alabama.
He was good at that, imo  
Big Blue '56 : 1/24/2023 7:49 am : link
Bill B is definitely a Mara guy  
BigBlue7 : 1/24/2023 7:53 am : link
loyal to a fault
He's a good OC  
jv : 1/24/2023 7:53 am : link
so this is a good hire. He might be in the circle but I don't think that's relevant here when you get the guy multiple teams were gunning for as an OC.
Yeah, that seems like a good move  
Andy in Halifax : 1/24/2023 7:53 am : link
Failed as a HC but pretty sure he was excellent as OC. Unless my memory fails me.
mdthedream : 1/24/2023 7:58 am : link
I have a feeling that he will will be the Pats next Head coach.
What happens do the two geniuses?  
Heisenberg : 1/24/2023 8:02 am : link
RE: Well  
Victor in CT : 1/24/2023 8:02 am : link
In comment 16011359 mdthedream said:
I have a feeling that he will will be the Pats next Head coach.

you mean it won't be Joe Judge? :-)
Does that mean…  
morrison40 : 1/24/2023 9:21 am : link
We get Joe Judge back to replace Kafka ?
I’m not sure why this would be a surprise,  
Section331 : 1/24/2023 9:22 am : link
BB and O’Brien go back a ways. He’s a good OC and a good fit for the Pats.
section125 : 1/24/2023 9:23 am : link
and a known quantity. this is an instance where Lil Bill had to  
markky : 1/24/2023 9:26 am : link
quiet the noise. talk radio is nonstop about Bill's arrogance in his offensive coaching approach this season.
This is a good move  
cosmicj : 1/24/2023 9:27 am : link
I always thought O'Brien was a very good coach  
Ben in Tampa : 1/24/2023 9:59 am : link
He was far and away the best coach in Houston's history. In his six full years as coach, he had 5 winnings seasons. It all fell apart on him at the end, though.
Didn’t the Rooney Rule  
Joe Beckwith : 1/24/2023 10:06 am : link
extend beyond HC level downward?
Woulda made no difference, but just curious.
RE: Didn’t the Rooney Rule  
eli4life : 1/24/2023 10:22 am : link
In comment 16011611 Joe Beckwith said:
extend beyond HC level downward?
Woulda made no difference, but just curious.

Do we know who they interviewed?
That sucks  
Spiciest Memelord : 1/24/2023 11:25 am : link
their offense might not be a laughing stock next year.
Pats will be better next year  
Sammo85 : 1/24/2023 12:12 pm : link
If Jets get a QB that division is going to be even more of a slugfest (maybe like the NFC East was this year).

Bills will still be a solid team, but their SB aspirations and slightly gaudy win totals last few years, are going to require some changes there and maybe some season to season fortunes to get a shot to big dance, not sure they're guaranteed to be lead dog every year next 3-4 years.
RE: This is a good move  
Sean : 1/24/2023 2:48 pm : link
In comment 16011516 cosmicj said:

I don’t dispute it’s a good move, but it’s so predictable. Belichick had the opportunity to cast a wide net and interview a bunch of different candidates, instead he hired the guy he already knows. So Belichick can still oversee everything.

It reminds me of the Giants hiring Gettleman. At the time he was a solid candidate after cleaning up a messy cap situation in Carolina. And despite inheriting a lot of the roster, he GM’d a 15-1 Super Bowl appearance for the Panthers. Mara knew him already.

It might work, but very predictable.
O'Brien is a huge improvement  
DieHard : 1/24/2023 5:13 pm : link
on Patricia/Judge, but this will probably be the weakest offensive roster he's ever worked with. In the past, he had a HOF QB in NE, Watson and Hopkins at their peak in Houston, and stacked Bama teams. A lot depends on if Belichick the GM can improve the talent.
cosmicj : 1/24/2023 5:19 pm : link
I agree. It’s a sign that Belichick is too set in his ways. He may need to start thinking about retirement.

But in terms of a coaching upgrade from 2022? Big time.
more and more, Belichick reminds of Tom Landry. He's on the same  
Victor in CT : 1/25/2023 9:43 am : link
trajectory. Had total control, had great success for 2 decades, but hanging on too long, too set in his ways.
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