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On a lighter note: Haddy hassling players on flight home

MeanBunny : 1/24/2023 6:32 pm
Both Jones and Saquon obsessed with film. Neal being a pig:

Vikes flight home - ( New Window )
That is wild.  
section125 : 1/24/2023 6:42 pm : link
Jones and Barkley focused on film study...

Nice 1st class seating arrangements.
so easy to forget  
JesseS : 1/24/2023 10:11 pm : link
that these are all kids playing a game. I just can't get upset about it the way I used to.
Based on the picture in the  
mfjmfj : 1/25/2023 6:58 am : link
article, it looks to me like he got caught watching anime porn.
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