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Spotrac: NFL Offseason Financial Analysis: Wide Receivers

rasbutant : 1/25/2023 10:20 am
Nice break down of the status of WR position across the league...

Some potential trade/cut guys that haven't been talked about much yet include...

Mike Evans
Tyler Boyd
Robert Woods
Adam Thielen
Marquez Valdes-Scantling (though says unlikely)
Corey Davis
Isaiah McKenzie
DeVante Parker
Denzel Mims
Robbie Anderson

Article doesn't say it but these guys could also be made available based on their contract situation..
Diontae Johnson
Keenan Allen
Hunter Renfrow

And just so you don't think i forgot anyone here's a list of others that have already been talked about a lot...
Tee Higgins
Michael Pittman Jr.
Brandon Aiyuk
Jerry Jeudy
DeAndre Hopkins
Brandin Cooks
Michael Thomas

Link - ( New Window )
I’d love to get jeudy  
eli4life : 1/25/2023 10:42 am : link
Maybe evans on a shortish deal. Not sure I’d want to give up assets for most of them and if they are looking to get paid/already have big contacts we’d have to pay. If the price is reasonable then I’ll leave it to schoen and co. To decide
Off that list,  
GiAnT4LYFE : 1/25/2023 10:55 am : link
Get me Tee Higgins. Young, big, talented, a 1A on his team right now. Get him for DJ.
RE: Off that list,  
Eman11 : 1/25/2023 11:03 am : link
In comment 16013406 GiAnT4LYFE said:
Get me Tee Higgins. Young, big, talented, a 1A on his team right now. Get him for DJ.

Totally agree . He could be to DJ what Plax was to Eli.
price on Higgins would HURT  
bigbluehoya : 1/25/2023 11:11 am : link
his cap hit after a trade is under $2M.

Hard player to trade, and a hard player to trade FOR.

If I'm the buyer, hurts to give up the huge haul because it's one year until mega-bucks.

If I'm Cincy, I am squarely in my prime championship window. The value of that contract vs production is insane. I'm on a highway to a 3rd round comp pick if I need to let him walk. I probably want a first rounder and maybe a bit more.
I don't feel like  
Biteymax22 : 1/25/2023 11:20 am : link
You'll see us make a big splash at WR. Likely a couple mid-low level "solid" guys and probably a first or second round pick spent on the position in the draft.
I'd be surprised by a WR trade  
JonC : 1/25/2023 11:47 am : link
unless it's picks outside the first two rounds. Giants have a lot of holes to fill and a cap structure where I'd expect they try to compress some outside spending in 2023 as they re-sign their own priority players.
A WR in one of the first two rounds wouldn't surprise me  
JonC : 1/25/2023 11:50 am : link
add Wandale back to the mix, and try to bring in a #3 level talent from UFA or mid-rounds of the draft, it's roughly the strategy I'd expect on paper. They need to make a decision on Shep, probably a cheap prove-it scenario.
mckenzie makes a lot of sense via trade for a day 3 pick  
Eric on Li : 1/25/2023 11:55 am : link
he can fill the richie james role and he has a little extra juice/upside. the bills had shakur play well and need cap room.
Higgins and Mims  
ArcadeSlumlord : 1/25/2023 10:47 pm : link
would be tremendous!
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