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so after we sign DJ to the FT

mfjmfj : 1/25/2023 1:24 pm
and another team makes him an offer we won't match and we get our 2 first round picks, does he also count in the comp formula for more picks? A third on top of those two first would be the cherry on top of an excellent draft desert!
Actually, a good question.  
Big Blue '56 : 1/25/2023 1:25 pm : link
No idea
Why would we?  
giantBCP : 1/25/2023 1:29 pm : link
We wouldn’t be losing him to FA, we’d be losing him due to a trade.
not eligible  
Tom from LI : 1/25/2023 1:31 pm : link
Transition tag or franchise tagged players who receive an offer sheet and whose offer sheet is not matched by the tagging franchise do not qualify as compensatory free agents.
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