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NFT: Streaming Sports Summary/Question

bhill410 : 1/26/2023 12:18 pm
Okay so I have Fios now but several of the TVs in my house don’t have boxes, specifically the one outside. I am trying to get a handle on where the heck everything is streaming if you are paying for cable and whether you need cable to access or if you cut cord you can just buy outright. I tried to do a summary since I cannot be the only one struggling with this. Any insights, corrections, suggestions are very welcome.

Local Games - You used to be able to access via NFL App if you had a cable provider but am not 100% sure that is the case. For instance the two games this weekend can you stream or do you need Paramount+ and Fuboltv?

Red zone - can you buy this without a cable package?

Ticket - you will need YouTube tv and to buy next year I believe. Unclear if you can buy without YouTube tv.

Local - if you have cable you can get access to the yes and sny app I believe. If you don’t have cable not sure what Yes is on and SNY I think is on YouTube TV?

Out of market - MLB TV is good for everything not on ESPN, Amazon or Apple I believe.

Local - I think you can use an msg app if you have cable, but not sure you can currently access MSG any other way?

Out of Market - seems like most NBA games are carried by Fox Sports App or ESPN+

Local - same deal as NBA
Out of Market - some on espn+ it seems like. Not sure how else

College Football:
NBC- It seems like they are moving everything to Peacock?
CBS - I am not sure have them moved everything to Paramount+?
ABC/Espn- Espn+ seems to have everything but not sure how blackouts work if you don’t have login through cable provider.

EPL - I think this is peacock regardless of whether you have cable.
USMNT - seems like HBO has it now? Which I am pretty confused about.
Not sure about the rest of the leagues and champions league.
I can help with the soccer...  
Festina Lente : 1/27/2023 10:17 am : link
Longtime Arsenal fan been watching the PL for decades.

NBC haS the rights to the premier league. I'd guess about 1/3 of the matches are televised between nbc and sister network USA. The rest are available live only on Peacock streaming service. You can playback any match in fullusually within an hour of it finishing. Problem is I feel like this year they've been putting more of the bigger matches on peacock than when they first started. Probably going to continue year on year making it harder not to have it.

FA cup is only available on ESPN+
CBS own the rights to EUFA champions league and europa league. Some champions league matches are available on cable (including Univizion Spanish channel). The rest can been on their Paramount+ service. Europa league matches are typically only shown on paramount+ exclusively.

Don't follow bundesliga, la liga, etc so don't know about them.
It shouldn't be this hard  
jpennyva : 1/27/2023 2:37 pm : link
But, unfortunately, it is. My husband and I cut the cable cord to save money, including canceling most of our streaming services. We are very fortunate in that where we were able to put a roof antenna EXACTLY where it needed to be pointed to receive the best reception (we're in a townhouse and are about 8 miles from Washington, DC, though we also get some Baltimore stations). We get about 64 channels from that, including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX and their "sub-channels". The HD is amazing for broadcast and we have been able to watch all of the NFL playoff games without a problem as they all seem to broadcast the game AND stream on their respective streaming services. I think it would be stupid if the broadcast companies moved ALL of their content online as so many people simply can't afford to subscribe to EVERYTHING. Though, being able to stream something if you don't have cable or antenna TV is a good option for others. So, if an antenna might be a good option for you, it's pretty easy, though - similar to the problem you note - it does only go to one TV, though we may look into seeing if we could plug the antenna into what used to be the Verizon box and see if we could get antenna service to all of our TVs throughout the house using the cable outlet in each room.

With respect to other services, I have utilized the MLBTV app, though their insistence in blacking out local games remains beyond ridiculous but a good (and now relatively cheap) VPN gets you around that.

I had previously utilized what is now NFL+ but had found for this season that the streams posted by others to be able to watch the Giants games a satisfactory fix but they can sometimes be frustrating.

I used to watch ESPN quite often and do miss it. I don't understand why ESPN+ is included with the Disney+ bundle (also with Hulu) but NOT the whole suite of ESPN channels. We will eventually resubscribe to the Disney+ bundle and being able to access all the ESPN channels would be a huge bonus (I am very much missing being able to watch the Australian Open right now).

Sorry I can't address the other sports. Cable just got to be ridiculously expensive (especially with needing to have a RENTED BOX on every TV). However, I just can't see a time where sports are only available on individual streaming services as so many people would be unable to afford that and would have to pick and choose (or unsubscribe and resubscribe depending on the season!).

Good luck!
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