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If X at Y offer Z

ConsistentGiantFan : 1/27/2023 1:31 pm
Wondering how many teams have tables/charts of the form:

If player X is at draft position Y offer draft capital Z.

I would think it could get quite extensive and fairly complicated in keeping track of what capital was allocated for what college player and what was actually spent during the draft.

Maybe they have such a table for each player they LOVE.
What kind of love?  
Dankbeerman : 1/27/2023 1:35 pm : link
Full Bloom?
Danny Kanell : 1/27/2023 2:08 pm : link
It sounds like a good idea.  
giantBCP : 1/27/2023 2:12 pm : link
With technology, that kind of thing could be automated. Just assign values to players, and values to draft picks, and you could have a computer calculate everything for you in real time.
What is…  
jestersdead : 1/27/2023 2:19 pm : link
Circle gets the square?
RE: What kind of love?  
rsjem1979 : 1/27/2023 2:21 pm : link
In comment 16016002 Dankbeerman said:
Full Bloom?

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