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Our 2023 lineup as it stands - long

mfjmfj : 1/28/2023 6:03 pm
Thought it would be interesting to look at currently rostered players and our lineup. For the purposes of the starting point I am assuming both Golladay and Williams get cut and we suck up all the cap hit in 2023. Not advocating cutting Williams, but it is $18MM of cap space (between this year and next) to keep him one more year. So after those cuts we have about $65MM in space (and $175MM in 2024). Use of that cap discussed below. Position and contract based on Spotrac.

QB: Taylor

RB: Brightwell

WR: Robinson, Johnson, Hodgins
Sills, Polk, Pimpleton, Micketon

TE: Bellinger

OL: AT, Ezeudu, Brederson, glowinski, Neal
Peart, Cunningham, Hamilton, Davis, Lemieux,
Phillips,Anderson, Kindley, Mckethan

Edge: Kayvon, Ojulari,
Smith, Anderson, Brown

Interior DL: Sexy Dexy, Dj Davidson

LB: Beavers, Mcfadden
Fox, Coughlin

Safety: Mckinney,Belton
Burgess, Gilbert, Thompson

CB: Adoree, Cordale, Holmes
Robinson, Williams, McCloud, Pinnock

11 draft picks cost something like $8MM in cap space. Plus at least some for flexibility throughout year. Lets say we have $50MM left.

Assume we franchise DJ. That gets us to $20MM. So how do we feel about this I am probably more optimistic than most. If last year's draft picks come back healthy, then I think we need to solve the following in free agency or the draft:

1). OL - need a center since currently bredeson. Possibilities Gates, Feliciano, another FA, draft pick. Open to all at the right price. Hopefully Ezedu can play and Neal is better. Would like a swing tackle besides PHillips.

2). RB - mid round pick, UDFA, spend a little on the large number of good available backs. All acceptable options. Don't waste money, even tag, on Saquon.

3). WR - Need two quality starters. High priority on draft day. Not a lot of free agent options. I would still love OBJ, but doubt the pricing/health will be right.

4). TE - get a monster blocker, OK pass catcher in FA or draft.

5). Edge - If people can stay healthy we are in decent shape here. Big if. Need a couple of back ups.

6). Dl - desperately need help esp. if cut LW. remember if we keep him that $20MM of available space becomes $8MM. Don't want Davidson starting. Dt high draft priority plus try to get a FA or two that can act as really good run stuffers. Also need someone to play the Ward role.

7). Always depends of Beavers. If he is healthy and is good, the we need some help but is not desperate. If not, don't really want to spend next season with no answer here. I'm OK with a big dip into FA here. ILBs tend to be pretty cheap.

8). Belton had a pretty up and down rookis year. Need help here. If we keep Love obviously less critical. Depends how expensive he will be.

9). Cornerback is more hopeful than Ithought. We need recent draft picks to play well (Flott, Williams, Robinson) and if so we might be OK. Absolutely fine with using a premium pick on a CB. Not sure why Pinnock is listed as a CB since we used him as a safety.

Need a LS and a Punter.

Bottom line is we have so much 2024 cap available that we can get any reasonable amount of money we want into 2023, by extending Sexy Dexy, AT, DJ contract, etc. But if we limit ourselves to currently available and STAY HEALTHY, I think the roster will easily be better next year than it finished this year. Dallas has real cap issues this year. Eagles are in pretty good shape since they have one more year of Hurts, but still have some big names to sign. I would look to fill out the roster with draft picks and low cost FA. No more than one splash FA or trade target (ILB or WR, most likely). Extend key players - Dex, AT, Mckinney. Then hopefully have a roster in 2024 that needs a couple of key additions to make a run. Obviously, this depends on DJ being the answer or coming up with a different QB answer (trade for Fields anyone?)
Why would they trade for Fields?  
eric2425ny : 1/28/2023 6:56 pm : link
not that impressed thus far. I see a QB with accuracy issues who will probably miss multiple games due to injuries every year.
Why would trade  
fanoftheteam : 1/28/2023 6:58 pm : link
For fields be a legitimate discussion?
Based on who we have signed for next year  
Bill in UT : 1/28/2023 7:21 pm : link
we're in the running for the top QB in the '24 draft
They are not cutting Williams...  
JCin332 : 1/28/2023 7:26 pm : link
You lost me  
Bruner4329 : 1/28/2023 7:55 pm : link
When you started with Williams being cut which would be plain stupid from both a team need as well as Cap perspective. He will be restructured/extended.And Taylor as the QB is a complete non-starter.
RE: You lost me  
Angel Eyes : 1/28/2023 9:09 pm : link
In comment 16016966 Bruner4329 said:
When you started with Williams being cut which would be plain stupid from both a team need as well as Cap perspective. He will be restructured/extended.And Taylor as the QB is a complete non-starter.

It's also a problem when it comes with replacing him. Remember how it turned out with JPP being traded and having to make do with guys like Lorenzo Carter and Oshane Ximines?
Its always about dumping Saquon with the OP  
PatersonPlank : 1/28/2023 9:39 pm : link
THe offense goes because of Barkley. Not just because of what he does, but also because fakes to him open up Jones, James, and all the rest
you lost me when  
Allen in CNJ : 1/29/2023 7:29 am : link
I saw Tyrod Taylor as QB1. Come on man.
RE: you lost me when  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 1/29/2023 8:41 am : link
In comment 16017104 Allen in CNJ said:
I saw Tyrod Taylor as QB1. Come on man.

I think he means as it stands as of this moment, seeing that Jones is an impending UFA.
That was a depressing read  
Reale01 : 1/29/2023 8:46 am : link
Thanks for taking the time.

A couple things.

Extend Leo - Cap hit under 10.
Sign Jones - Cap number will be apx 20 because of deal.
Sign Barkley - Cap hit will be under 10 because of deal.
Sign Love - Cap hit will be apx 3 because of deal.
Free agent ILB(s)
Free Agent IOL
Draft (WR, OL, CB, as priorities not in order)
Draft BPA opportunities considered at LB, TE, RB

The above plan brings in:
11 draft picks and
3 or 4 starter caliber FAs at "bargain positions" total cap hit 20.
Fill in the rest roster as best we can with vet min deals.

Not suggesting we should cut Williams  
mfjmfj : 1/29/2023 3:08 pm : link
It is just that he is such a big piece of the cap that it is hard to discuss next year without an assumption. Cutting is the easiest assumption. I can see him getting cut, or restructured, or playing out deal.

As for TT at QB1 that is just a fact not an opinion. Only QB on the roster at this point (which was the starting point).

And it is true that I think signing SB to a big deal would be a waste of space and misunderstanding of modern football. If you disagree an argument would go much further than an ad hominem attack.

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