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What would the betting line have to be

Josiah31 : 1/30/2023 9:53 am
For you to put money on Cheifs in the Super Bowl? Unfortunately, Eagles are just much better then everyone. Eagles by 14 plus.
Philly is going to draw $ from the public  
OBJ_AllDay : 1/30/2023 10:03 am : link
and the line will move in KC's favor..I actually think KC has a lot better chance to beat them than people think.
I don't think it needs to be anything crazy  
TJ : 1/30/2023 10:06 am : link
Eagles looked great for large parts of the regular season.
But facing an out-of-their-depth giants team and the 49ers with their 4th string qb has prevented anyone from seeing how good the eagles are against playoff competition. Second half of the season they barely beat colts and bears, did not look good against giants backups, and lost to cowboys and saints. I don't think they are a lock.

Straw Hat : 1/30/2023 10:16 am : link
Thread, dork.
Im sorry  
Straw Hat : 1/30/2023 10:17 am : link
It’s Monday and im pissed about the eagles being so good lmao.
Would need to see at least KC -4.5  
Metnut : 1/30/2023 10:18 am : link
to seriously think about it.
RE: Would need to see at least KC -4.5  
OBJ_AllDay : 1/30/2023 10:19 am : link
In comment 16019608 Metnut said:
to seriously think about it.

You mean +4.5?
Hurts did not look good against the 49ers  
Rudy5757 : 1/30/2023 10:22 am : link
He chucked a few up for Grabs. Hard to really say how good the Eagles are since they had it so easy.

Id love to see Spags come up with something for the Eagles and win the game. If the WRs on KC are healthy it will be a good game. If not the Eagles should win. Betting on the Sperbowl is a crap shoot. Teams coach different in the big game since its forall the marbles and sometimes that causes games to get out of hand. Reid is a good coach and Sirianni is not.
Hurts playoff passing stats this year  
prh : 1/30/2023 10:56 am : link
Are nothing special,
137 yards per game
15.5 completions per game out of 24.5 attempts
I know he's not asked to throw much with their running game being so dominant. I wonder how effective he will be if the game turns into a shootout. Hopefully Spags will cook up something that confuses him into throwing a couple of picks.

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