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Eagles rookie OL Josh Sills indicted for Rape

RobCrossRiver56 : 2/1/2023 11:57 am
He's not a starter so it should really not affect the game at all but to be indicted the week before the Super Bowl, holy sh*t. There is no way the league would let Josh dress for the SB, would they?

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That’s awful.  
Section331 : 2/1/2023 12:06 pm : link
I’ve got to think the Eagles blocked him from showing up at their facility. They don’t need that distraction right now.
The Eagles should.  
Joe Beckwith : 2/1/2023 12:06 pm : link
Though, it IS Philly….
It happened in 2019 ?  
capone : 2/1/2023 12:24 pm : link
Wtf ?
He’s not a star,  
Big Blue '56 : 2/1/2023 12:35 pm : link
so no, they’ll probably suspend him?
He's a nobody  
Arkbach : 2/1/2023 12:42 pm : link
UFA so just cut him
Yes since he's a bottom of the roster player  
Jay on the Island : 2/1/2023 12:47 pm : link
he will probably be suspended but the Eagles will likely cut him before that. Now if it were Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, etc. then it would not be decided until after the SB because the league really doesn't give a shit about these crimes.
Of the  
David B. : 2/1/2023 3:53 pm : link
Giants pass rush?

Too soon?
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