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CBS NFL FA prediction (1 for each team)

shocktheworld : 2/3/2023 2:04 pm
they have us going David Long the LB from Titans...I don't hate it on a cheap deal. His best football is ahead of him, hopefully...

"Long is a sneaky good inside linebacker -- which is exactly what the Giants need. The 26-year-old recorded a career-high 86 combined tackles this past season despite missing five games. He's a run stuffer who is poised to have a career year in 2023."
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Saquon to the Bills  
Pete in MD : 2/3/2023 2:10 pm : link
prediction too.
I think LB is going to be a FA target  
Rjanyg : 2/3/2023 2:11 pm : link
This is a guy I want:


great tackler, excellent in coverage.
RE: Saquon to the Bills  
Rjanyg : 2/3/2023 2:12 pm : link
In comment 16023921 Pete in MD said:
prediction too.

Bills are 16 million over the cap. No way this happens
A run stuffer at lb sounds like a good fit  
Ira : 2/3/2023 2:13 pm : link
This sounds like an Antonio Pierce  
eric2425ny : 2/3/2023 2:15 pm : link
type signing. Player who is on the verge of breaking out. I like it.
David Long free agent  
wahl35 : 2/3/2023 2:24 pm : link
Here's a blurb from Titanswire about Long ....

Arguably the hardest decision the team faces this offseason will be whether or not they should retain linebacker David Long Jr.

A recent article by Pro Football Focus has listed Long as the 17th-best free agent on the market. More importantly, they have his expected contract to exceed $50 million.

PFF projects his next deal as follows:

Four years, $55 million ($13.75M per year); $33 million total guaranteed.

Truthfully, it’s hard to see the Titans bringing Long back if he gets anything close to that type of offer.

Long is an integral piece of the defense, but the team has much bigger needs than spending nearly $14 million per year on an off-ball linebacker.
PFF projects hefty contract for Titans' David Long - ( New Window )
Garoppolo to the Jets.  
Gruber : 2/3/2023 2:27 pm : link
Struggling to believe Aaron Rodgers will go there.
The key is  
pjcas18 : 2/3/2023 2:29 pm : link
"...despite missing five games..."

he will fit right in.
RE: I think LB is going to be a FA target  
BleedBlue : 2/3/2023 3:02 pm : link
In comment 16023924 Rjanyg said:
This is a guy I want:


great tackler, excellent in coverage.

he looked horribke vs chiefs and got plowed twice. on top of being a bitch walking into lockerroom shit talking his teammate. nah pass for me.
So the Bills are going to  
johnnyb : 2/3/2023 3:03 pm : link
overpay at the RB position?? Not so sure this happens.

And the Ravens are going to let Llamar go? To the Falcoms??
I am in the camp that if we go premium-ish  
AcesUp : 2/3/2023 4:04 pm : link
It should be LB. It's probably the deepest among any position in the projected UFA pool. This should keep some of these guys from getting inflated deals. There should be an opportunity here to get the right value.
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